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Modern Mama has some great events in September!

Tiny Hands Talk :: Sept 20 3-5pm $40
Learn to sign with your baby.  An amazing communication tool for before baby can talk. 

I Want My Body Back :: Sept 23 1.30pm 4 weeks $169
A four week series on getting your pre-pregnancy body back.  This at Pure Potential Fitness Studio by the owner who is a mom of two herself.  Nannies included, baby will remain with you.

Pure Potential Personal Training :: Sept 23 2.30pm 8 weeks $400
Work with a personal trainer and get yourself back after baby.  Nannies included.

Where is the Instruction Manual? (the early weeks with baby) :: Sept 25 11am luncheon $56
A doula and mother of five leads this workshop on bonding with baby, reading cues and being responsive and engaging.  Nannies included, baby will remain with you.

Check Modern Mama for more great events in October including LUSH facials & private shopping, a new Sephora event, Royal Art Gallery of Alberta private tour & studio project, and more!

November brings Pregnancy Awareness Month a month filled with great events for expecting modern mamas-to-be … do let your friends know!

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