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Edmonton’s 4th annual Mama’s Choice Awards

It’s that time again!  YOU get to tell us (and all of Urban Infant‘s readers in the Winter issue!) the BEST there is for Moms in Edmonton (Don’t worry Calgary and Vancouver your time is coming soon!)

6 Comments to "Edmonton’s 4th annual Mama’s Choice Awards"

  1. Patrizia says:

    Fabulous place to shop for new mom’s! Love everything about them! All the moms I know go there as well :)

  2. EunYoung SONG says:

    J’adore Dance Studio’s Intellidance Program is the best!!!

  3. connie says:

    Thank you for the comments ladies, you must submit the voting survey within the post for your votes to COUNT!

  4. Tania says:

    J’Adore Dance mom & baby dance classes allow you to work out, have fun, and be close to your baby all at once. I’ve had to leave Strollercize several times because of a very upset baby, but baby loves to pump ‘n groove with me! It is the only postpartum activity I have been able to do that reliably makes us both happy every time!

  5. Rene de Meulles says:

    Music together is the #1 best early childhood music and movement program in Edmonton! I brought all my children through the program and I have a better family because of it! If you are looking for more than just a day out with your kids you will enroll in a Music together class, it changed my life, and started my children down a path of musical bliss for the rest of there lives…

  6. John feng says:

    Ive been going to Music together for 3 years now,
    It has not only changed my life… But the way i see how my children
    Appreciate, respond, and develop musically…and its so much FUN!

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