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Calling All New Moms

Much prep goes into baby’s arrival.  Along with ensuring you have the very basics: a car-seat, crib or bassinet, diapers and layette, don’t forget to prep your nest with healthy snacks, frozen dinners, and lots of coupons.  Wait, what?  Coupons?  Register for free stuff, yes.

New Mom Registry strives to provide parents with access to various useful parenting resources so you can make informed decision both before and after your baby’s arrival.

You’ll receive coupons and samples from Sudocream, Pampers, and Nestle, just to name a few.  Plus they have a baby expert resource directory on their site.

As part of the New Mom Registry package, if you register before December 31st and enter code 1537843-9, you will receive a gift valued at $25.00 from Caroline Fuchs at Knowledge First Financial.

Enter code 1537843-9 on this page to register today!



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