The Nuna Leaf: Not Just For Babies

By: Codi Lynn

Back and forth, back and forth. She is swaying in her Nuna Leaf as I write this out. It’s relaxing for the both of us as the repetitive side to side movements are calm and silent.


Last year when we got our Nuna Tavo stroller I was so impressed with how it was designed for both the infant and toddler stage, with absolutely no add-ons required. It’s genius. This had me looking into their other products, and that is when I discovered the Nuna Leaf.

Here are some major benefits of the Nuna Leaf


Just like their stroller, the Nuna Leaf is designed to grow with your child. It is essentially the only seat they will need from infant to child. We have gone through a swing and a bouncer already and our little lady is only 6 months old. With the ability to hold over 60 kg this seat has you covered.



The sway of the seat is designed to replicate the motions of a falling leaf. Weightless and carefree, tossing from side to side, calming baby as it goes. This motion will last up to about two minutes unassisted. As it isn’t battery operated, you are free of cords and irritating noises.


Our older kids love that they can take a turn, lean on it and easily assist in rocking baby side to side. The base is strong and sturdy allowing for the additional weight to be well supported. Some may enjoy locking the seat at the base to allow it to stay in a stationary position.


The fabric is made from only the best. Their certified Oeko-tex® fabric and GOTS certified organic insert fabric allows for the softest touches to baby’s skin. When baby gets a little rowdy and makes a mess, easily remove the organic cotton insert for washing.


At the end of the day if you are wanting to store your Nuna Leaf you can easily detach the seat from the base and stow away for the next day.

I haven’t met a toddler that doesn’t love testing out the new babies products, and what better product to test than one that was made for them as well.

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Codi Lynn is the wife and mom behind Creative Wife and Joyful Worker. As a mother to three kids she keeps busy during the day doing all things mamahood and in the evenings you can find her working away as a freelance graphic designer and blogger. Find Codi Lynn online: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


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    There is so much baby gear out there it’s almost overwhelming. I’ve been reading about a lot of products trying to figure out which ones we might wants and the ones that grow with baby are at the top of my list. I really like the look of the nuna leaf and it seems like it would be very comfy.

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    Great review! We just bought our Nuna Mixx stroller and Pipa infant seat for our baby due this summer. We did a lot of research and are now set on the Nuna brand for quality and innovation.

    Hoping to get a Nuna leaf as well. Its so practical, simple and its a safe spot for baby while I get stuff done around the house 🙂

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