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At Modern Mama we are always looking to find quality products for parents with exclusive discounts to our readers. Check back often, as this list is always being expanded.


We have established some discounts that are exclusive to our Modern Mama family.

Most of the products listed are ones we have tried ourselves and recommend to our viewers.




*Modern Mama tested and approved

Do you know how EMF radiation from phones, tablets, laptops and cordless phones effects your body?
Radiation from using these devices can cause Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), Headaches and Migraines, Stress and Insomnia.

Attach DeviceShield to the back of your devices and it instantly generates EMF Shielding that blocks radiation. DeviceShield is the EMR Shielding Solution for your Cell Phones and Cordless Telephones, Laptops & Tablets.

This product is so easy to use and makes a substantial reduction in the EMF coming from our devices. I put these on my kids tablets and our phones.

Use this link to get an exclusive Modern Mama discount: $2 off 1, $5 off 2 (plus get 1 more free), $11 off 4 (plus get 2 more free) plus free shipping within 24 hours in Canada.





Latootha, an adorable molar tooth, created a website that features all things dental. You can check her out at here! Latootha’s website also features Latootha Baby (a baby tooth), who sells oral care products for all ages, and Latootha Fairy (an adorable Tooth Fairy) who sells all Tooth Fairy Related products. Use PROMO CODE:  MODERNMAMA15 to get 15% off all items!

Thrive Postpartum Products

Thrive Mama 

Vancouver-based One Tough Mother, has created a brand of postpartum supplies and kits called Thrive Mama.
Modern Mama Readers get 10% off all kits and the post partum handbook.  In addition proceeds from every kit sold goes to the Mamas for Mamas charity.
Use this link and PROMO CODE: MODERNMAMA10

Durable Car Seat Organizer and Kick mat

Car Seat Oganizers and Kick Mat by Quint Essence

*Modern Mama tested and approved

I dont know about you but I have purchased 2 sets of other car seat organizers, only to have the seams rip on them within a few months of using them.  When I was introduced to these car seat organizers, I was skeptical but I noticied the thicker and sturdier quality immediatly. They are made with triple the material and stitching compared with other organizers.  They are much more solid and durable than others I have purchased.  With extra long adjustable straps, 6 holes on the side for charging cords and headphones, an XL 12″x9″ clear pocket that fits even a 12.9″ iPad and waterproof material – making it easy to clean. The kids are ecstatic, they love all the pockets and compartments (there are 11 of them) and I have not even shown them the coolest feature – the built in adjustable viewing angle.  The other great feature for us parents is they are made with 600D polyester without toxic chemicals and with a lifetime warranty – you litterally would never need to buy another car seat organizer again.  A car seat organizer is a must for kids!  They also make wonderful gift ideas.

The mats retail on their website for $44.99 each or $79.99 for a pair.  If you use the this unique link and PROMO CODE: STRESSFREE you will get the sale price on the organizers plus an additional 10% off, bringing the current as of January 12, 2021,  cost down to $31.50 ea or $49.50 for a pair. 

Quality Car Seat Organizer and Kick Mat