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KOS Designs

This is still such a challenging time for small businesses. We love supporting and showcasing local and small business especially female owned. If you would like to be featured please email

KOS Designs

For this weeks Small Business Sunday, you may recognize this small business owner. This week I decided to shine a light on my own small business KOS Designs. You can check out my Facebook or Instagram pages.

What made you choose to open your business?

Growing up, my mom was always busy crafting something – her hobby was crocheting. As I got a little bit older my mom got into Folk Art painting and I really took an interest in it. So, my mom and I both started going to classes together and my mom would even have a bunch of friends over to have a painting night in our house. This is where I really started to enjoy crafting. Fast forward several years (way too many to count!) I started getting back into painting, making stocking holders for some friends and this relite my love of crafting. To make it easier to paint these stocking holders, my mom purchased a Cricut machine that, to be honest, I was terrified of for the first couple of years. However, over the last year or so I started doing small projects for friends, family, and myself. It turns out I quite enjoyed working with the Cricut.

If you have been following Modern Mama Edmonton for a while, you will know that 2021 has not been the best year for my family and it was while my grandma was sick and in the hospital that I really decided this is what I needed to be doing. I feel so calm and at peace while I am working on a project – most of the time! I am really trying to break into the door mat market. I absolutely love making door mats and so much can be conveyed on one small mat. I feel like your personality can really come through a simple mat!

Thus, KOS Designs came to life and is a reflection of my love for my family and what I do.

KOS Designs

What is your favourite small business? (Aside from your own)

I absolutely love Hidden JEM Photography. The owner is so amazing and handles newborns with such ease. She is our go to for family pictures now. I also really love Wilhauk Beef Jerky. Not only does Wilhauk have amazing beef jerky, they also really support our community here in Spruce Grove. They are always looking at how to give back in whatever way they can. If you want some beef jerky, check these guys out!

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

This is a tough one because I am still just starting out so I am new to this whole business owner thing. I do suggest honing the skill you want to market. I made several door mats before I really got the hang of things and now making a mat takes a lot less time than it did for me in the beginning.

KOS Designs

What are your long term business goals?

I am hoping to have my own website soon and be able to ship across Canada, right now for my welcome mats I have been doing local orders while I get my business established. I also do custom shirts and keychains that I can ship across Canada.

What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable customer or client experience?

So far, my most memorable customer was from a lady near where I grew up – we have known each other for many years and our dads also knew each other back in the day. Anyways, between her and I we came up with an absolutely beautiful design. She wanted something with feathers and a bit of a border and she wanted the Stony word for ‘Welcome’. I will always hold this order close to my heart as I am Metis and love everything about my culture and background. I have even made this mat for my parents and we used the Cree word for ‘Welcome’ – Tansi (mat pictured above). I will always have a special place in my heart for that order.

KOS Designs

If you would like to chat about a custom order, please send an email to or reach out to me through Facebook or Instagram!

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