As of 2019 Leah Doyle is the new owner of Modern Mama. Leah started with the company in 2016 as the area director for Sherwood Park and St. Albert. She was very excited when the opportunity arose to take over as the owner of Modern Mama and to continue to grow the community.

She was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and is now raising two children of her own here, along with her husband, Ian.  She loves latte’s, date nights, and binge-watching “friends”.

Leah Doyle
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Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

Modern Mama is about “getting moms out of the house”. Being a mom on maternity leave, a stay-at-home-mom, a working mom, a single mom; whether you have one child or five, the common thread is that it’s difficult to find time for yourself, and motherhood can feel isolating and overwhelming at times.

We believe that although motherhood adds a new dimension to who you are and it changes many aspects of our daily lives, it can’t replace our old selves – meaning we still need fun, friendship and some ‘me-time’ in our lives. Modern Mama aims to help you get out and get that support, connecting you with other moms who might share the same interests, and at the same time, provide that much-needed ‘me-time’!

Modern Mama loves and supports new moms. Through our services for expecting and new moms, we are a resource for moms in five major Canadian Cities through the first years of motherhood.

Photo Credit: Brenda Lakeman Photography