Resource Guides

Resource Guides

You can pick up your FREE print copy of these guides around Edmonton, Calgary, and Greater Vancouver!

Look for it in daycares, baby and children’s stores, and other businesses that include pregnancy and infant services.

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Greater Vancouver Baby Guide 2023-2024

Edmonton Baby Guide 2023-2024

Calgary Baby Guide 2023-2024

Edmonton Baby Guide 2022-2023

Calgary Baby Guide 2022-2023

Greater Vancouver Baby Guide 2022-2023

Edmonton Baby Guide 2020-2021

Calgary Baby Guide 2020-2021

Greater Vancouver Baby Guide 2020- 2021

Vancouver Baby Guide 2016-’17

Calgary Baby Guide 2016-’17

Edmonton Baby Guide 2016-’17

Calgary Baby Guide 2015-16

Calgary City Guide 2015

Vancouver City Guide

Ultimate Baby Gear Buyer’s Guide 2015


Having a Baby 2014-’15










Raising Kids in the City Resource Guides

Printed in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver Spring 2014

City Guide Cover

Click to read: Edmonton

Click to read: Calgary

Click to read: Vancouver

Having a Baby Resource Guides Fall 2013

Printed in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver


Click to Read: Edmonton

Click to Read: Vancouver

Click to Read: Calgary

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