10 Tips to Prepare your Kinder for School

school tips

This fall marks a big year for my family; our oldest is starting Kindergarten and our middle child is starting Playschool. While we have been talking about school for a few months now, there is a lot of worry and excitement. I know we aren’t the only ones with big transitions this fall so we wanted to share our tips for easing those nerves:

  1. Talk to your little one about school (Kindergarten/Preschool), what the routine is (check the website for a schedule) and what they can expect.
  2. Let them know that it is okay to be nervous and a lot of kids are nervous on the first day
  3. Assure your child that they will love school once they feel comfortable there
  4. If possible take your child for a tour of the school/classroom. If this isn’t possible, show your child pictures of their school so they are familiar with it.
  5. Be sure to play at the school playground before the summer is over, this will help your child to feel more confident and relaxed.
  6. Talk to your child about how they will be getting to school (walking/biking/driving/taking the bus)
  7. When back to school shopping,  allow your child to choose a new shirt/pant/dress/outfit — they will feel extra special when they go to school in something they chose.
  8. Letting your child choose their own backpack and/or lunch kit will also help them feel empowered and make school a little less scary.
  9. If you are nervous (I know I am!) don’t let your child know, if you are nervous about school they will be nervous too and if you are confident that they will be successful then they will go to school with confidence.
  10. Start the bedtime routine a week (preferably two) before school starts, it will be easier for your children to get up and out the door on school days if they are in the routine of waking up early.

Good luck!


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