Charity Spot Light: Kiddo Life

Kiddo Life is a Calgary based charitable giving organization, powered by art. Each time a child submits a piece of art, it is turned into an art t-shirt, clothing or accessory for them to wear. 35% of the purchase price is donated to charity. Anytime someone in the world orders a shirt using the same art work, 35% is again donated. Children can share their favourite art piece, or they can share their message and know through this creation and purchase how they are helping others. Some of the charities the Kiddoart supports include: Wood homes, Brown Bagging for Calgarys Kids, The Brenda Strafford Centre, Safe Heaven Foundation and Love for Lewiston.

Kiddo Life starts conversations between adults and children about the importance of giving back and contributes to positive social change in the world by sharing what kids have to say through the artistic process. Using art to express themselves, children are able to actively connect to their community and purposefully engage in the act of giving. Kiddo Life shows kids that their actions can make a difference and instills in them the importance of giving back at an early age. As a vehicle for positive change, Kiddo Life is committed to supporting the community by directing 35 per cent of all proceeds to local charities. Learn more or order a shirt here!

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