Mompreneur feature: Kelly Patterson from Polar Stroller Skis

Kelly Patterson: The women behind Polar Stroller Skis

At Modern Mama we love celebrating local businesses and mompreneurs! Kelly is from England, UK and moved to Calgary in 2009, with her Husband Glenn. As avid snowboarders, cyclist and their general love for the great outdoors, the Rockies were too much to resist. In 2013 they were blessed with their first son, Owen, who only slept whilst moving in his stroller. This was great for daily outdoor exercise, but became problematic once the snow fell. Glenn being an engineer designed their first set of stroller skis, so they could continue to enjoy their winter walks. They wanted to share their awesome invention with other like minded parents, so founded Polar Stroller in 2014 and began manufacturing skis for strollers and bike trailers.



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    How awesome are these ski’s?!?!!!! I wish I had known about these with our first couple of children and saved the hassled of struggling to push and pull our stroller through the snow! These would come in handy for our newest little guy

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