Infant & Child CPR Workshop on September 8th was a success!

Modern Mama Vancouver held an Infant & Child CPR workshop at Kid’s Physio on September 8th 2013. Led by Johanne Bowley our expert CPR Instructor, nurse and mama to three grown boys, it was an informative, hands-on event that left us all more confident about how to perform CPR on our little ones, and on each other. We had mamas, babies, dads and and a proud grandma in attendance, and our youngest attendee was just nine days old! 

Keep Your Children and Family Safe

Child, pink ribbon

The topic of CPR is one that is important to me as a mom and as a daughter. I had a scary experience a few years ago when I had to help my own mother who was choking. Back then I used a technique called the Heimlich Maneuver (now called Abdominal Thrusts) to safely expel the food that was blocking her airway. I was able to address the situation calmly and confidently.

Everyone Needs Infant & Child CPR Training

Thankfully my CPR training was up-to-date at the time and I was able to confidently save my mom from what could have been a life-threatening situation.  But that a few years ago. When I became Community Director at Modern Mama in Vancouver this past July, I knew that my CPR skills needed brushing up and decide to offer a workshop focused on infants and children. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate fully like I had hoped, but knowing that I’ve got another Infant & Child CPR event listed for October 20th, I should be able to get my hands in there. Thank you to everyone who attended. I am looking forward to the next workshop with Johanne!

Infant & Child CPR Class at Kid's Physio

If you attended our Infant & Child CPR workshop on September 8th, don’t forget to use your promo code when you visit SweetSalt Baked Goods and Playscapes. SweetSalt provided the yummy treats and door prizes.

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Thank you to Kid’s Physio for the use of your studio and to SweetSalt Baked Goods and Playscapes for the yummy treats.

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