Infiniti QX60 – The Family Speedster Review


Infiniti, the wiser, more refined older sibling to Nissan offers a large, luxury seven-seater family vehicle in the QX60.

When I picked it up, I had zero expectations. In fact, Infiniti was one brand of cars that I had never even paid attention to. I had never noticed a QX60 in my neighborhood before and wasn’t particularly excited for this week’s test drive.

The day I picked it up was Easter Monday and we were all together as a family, so my husband drove us around all day. I didn’t even drive it until the following day. Again, no big deal, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything because I hadn’t driven it yet.

The week’s drives included a trip to North Surrey (30 minutes), downtown Vancouver (1hr), Maple Ridge (30 minutes) and regular every day trips to the school, errands, kids activities, and more.

With every passing day, I enjoyed

driving the QX60 more

Here’s Why:


This family car is the fastest SUV I have driven. It’s responsiveness “off the line” is incomparable, and yet so controlled. My husband agreed that is was the fastest SUV we have driven (and he drag races his 1970 Chevy Nova)!

The handling is smooth and controlled. On the highway, you feel in complete control, even at high speeds.

Braking is not touchy but incredibly smooth.

I enjoyed the mechanics of driving this vehicle more than any other I’ve driven over the past two years, and I’ve driven more than 10 different models of SUVs and crossovers similar in size.


If you have read any of my previous vehicle reviews, you know that I’m all about the seven-seater vehicles. The reason is because I have three kids and we often drive extra kids around, have out of town visitors or take my mom along on family drives. That means we often have more than 5 people in the vehicle. Plus, not to mention, when you have three kids, you know that they don’t really want to sit side-by-side in the back seat together, so it’s nice to have that third-row seating. THIS is why I’ve been driving a mini-van for the past 13 years!

With the Infiniti, the second row is a bench (seats 3) and the third row is two seats that easily fold down making space for plenty of cargo in the rear.


Most vehicles now come standard with back-up cameras, navigation and the like. Especially luxury brands and these larger SUVs. However, the navigation and map is intuitive and easy to use in the QX60.

One thing I especially loved about the controls was the volume and music buttons on the steering wheel. This means that you can easily skip to the next song or increase or decrease the volume with your finger on the steering wheel while not looking away from the road, or taking a hand off the steering wheel. I love this feature! (other vehicles that offer this are most Honda vehicles, and I believe the Acura MDX).

The price surely reflects that this is a luxury brand, however, with a starting price of 47,890 the base payments would be approximately $941 per month (according to

Infiniti has now become a brand I notice on the road all the time, with the QX60 being a future wishlist vehicle of mine for when we require less cargo space. When that will be is unknown to me, but ‘someday’ it is!

*The vehicle was provided by Infiniti for one week for the purposes of this review.





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