October non-profit feature – Kids up front

Kids Up Front provides experiences to deserving kids, teens and families. These experiences nurture their spirits, feed their imagination and inspire their dreams! They’re comprised of a team of just four staff, along with amazing volunteers.

They provide experiences to kids around Calgary and surrounding area, whether that is sporting events, concerts, theatre, hands-on learning or other opportunities. They partner with more than 225 agencies in the city that serve deserving kids who are new to the country, from low-income backgrounds, or need a boost in another way.

Each year, they hope to increase their number of partner agencies and kids that they help. They also aim to gain more tickets and event opportunities to increase their offerings. Gaining awareness is also very important, whether that’s through our partnerships, on social media or at events, which will result in more community support.

Some ways to get involved with Kids up Front are through volunteer opportunities for all of our special events, from social media help to event set up and we’re very flexible in getting volunteers experience they want. Their biggest volunteer opportunity is as a suite ambassador, where volunteers watch games (Flames, Hitmen or Roughnecks) at the Saddledome in a suite with a large group from one of their partner agencies. Outside of volunteering, they can always use more tickets donated, or monetary donations also go a long way, as every $5 donated goes to providing one experience.

Along with that they also have a number of special events through out the year: All In For Kids, a charity poker tournament at the start of February – they have celebrities at each table and 250 players vying for thousands in $$ worth of prizes; Stranded – a survivor-style elimination/retreat where 16 individuals fundraise and compete across a weekend in the woods to win, complete with camera crews; Games Night – a fun night held at a local Calgary bar where we play a variety of games and have prizes and food as well.

Learn more about Kids Up Front on their website.

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