Preparing your Kids to not get Lost in the Crowd (Safety Tips)


Heading to a festival or event can be both exciting and anxiety/stress inducing and I for one weigh out the benefits versus the stress or risk before heading to a busy place with my little ones. My conclusions are often to take only one or two of my kiddos, to bring all three but have another adult meet me there or come with us, or simply go by myself or at least without kids. BUT I also throw caution to the wind from time to time and pack up my whole crew and head into a busy place without batting an eyelash.

Over the past few years my husband and I have implemented many of these strategies to keep our little ones safe and to keep our stress levels down:

  • Before you leave the house or a few days before the event – familiarize the kids with the event logo/artwork, if they are lost in a crowd they may be able to identify staff by their logo or signage.
  • Have a conversation with your kids about what to do when seperate from the family: stay calm, try and remember the safe location or what staff look like, ask for help, wait with staff until parent/family/etc comes to get them
  • Before you leave home, write your cell phone number on your child’s arm and spray with liquid bandage to ensure it won’t wash/rub/sweat off
  • Dress your child in bright or unique colours or patterns — making them easier to spot in a crowd
  • If you have multiple children dress them in similar or coordinating outfits so it less to remember
  • Before entering the event snap a photo of your children on your phone, just in case you forget what they are wearing
  • Upon arrival at the destination, show your kids a safe spot to go in case they are lost. A great safe spot would be central, with staff present, easy for them to find/remember
  • Explain to your children that if they get lost they can ask another parent or a staff person for help
  • Remind your children to stay close but if they do happen to be separated from you for them to stay calm and ask for help

As much as we would like to think that our children won’t get lost or separated from ‘the group’, the reality is that they might and being prepared helps to keep everyone’s stress levels down!

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