DIY Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

I said absolutely YES to doing this post for because I loved the idea of creating some DIY Wall Art of my own. I am displaying these on my desk.

Word art, all the rage on Instagram, Pinterest, and DIY videos on YouTube, is the art of displaying quotes or meaningful words in digital graphics or physical art.

To prepare for this post, I watched endless amounts of YouTube videos trying to teach myself hand lettering. It was fun playing in my sketch book with my pencil, crayons, markers and pens.

DIY Wall Art

I grabbed a couple of small canvasses, inexpensive paints and got to work, albeit nervously.

DIY Wall Art

I sponged a background on one of the canvasses and penciled my words on the other.

Here are my finished products!

DIY Wall Art   DIY Wall Art

Now I just need to find a spot for these pieces of art near my desk. I picked these quotes because ‘Be Happy’ was something that I loved from a longer quote, “Be Happy Be Bright Be You” and “Focus” because, well, it’s a great reminder for me.

Are you looking for some frames and wall art (in addition to your own crafty ones!)? Look no further than!

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