Summer Must Have: Gro Anywhere Blind

Every now and then a product comes around that is just pure genius….for me, that is the Gro Anywhere Blind. I think the creators of it MUST be from Northern Alberta, land of forever summer sun, because they nailed it! The Gro Anywhere Blind is a fold up black out blind that suction cups to your window to shut out all the light. Here’s a few reasons why I am using it every single night in my kiddo’s room:

Gro Blind

9:30pm in YEG on a July summer night…. this will save you!

1- It works! Seriously, there is no extra light coming into the room. One of my biggest annoyances when we ordered blinds for our new house is that we paid extra money for “blackout” blinds. The issue? Light still creeps in from the sides! Finally, I can use the Gro Anywhere Blind under the pull down blind and it’s completely dark in the west facing room, even for afternoon naps.

2- It’s easy! There are a ton of suction cups along the border of the Gro Anywhere Blind that easily attach to the window to create a seamless barrier of light. Set up in minutes. Never again will I try to tie sheets together and tape curtains to the wall, yes- I have done this!

Bosom Babies

Suction cups and velcro line the border to ensure a good fit!

3- It’s Portable and can be resized! There are velcro tabs attached to the blind so that you can adjust the size. It goes to a max of 130cm x 200cm, which is a pretty big window. I can use it in our kiddo’s bedroom, his grandparents place and most hotel rooms. Also, there is a convenient travel bag included.

4- Sleep in over summer! Since using this product my son has been waking around 8-8:30, full sun time here in the summer. He’s falling asleep much earlier too!

Bosom Babies

I like the cute moon and stars print!

If you are in the Edmonton area, you can stop by Bosom Babies to pick one up OR order via phone (780) 448-1384, Instagram or Facebook. It retails at $79.99, and in my opinion is worth every penny because, sleep! Want 10% off? Simply wear your baby into the store and get their baby wearing discount which brings it to $71.99.

Bosom Babies

One caution that I would have is that it really heats up the window in the sunlight. This would be good for keeping heat in during the cold winter, but for summer I would be worried about the chance of the window warping. For this reason, I simply un-suction about half of it during the day. 



*Full disclaimer: I was gifted this product by Bosom Babies. All opinions are my own, as always.

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