Tips and Tricks For Saving Money While On Vacation

Saving Money

All of us want to provide the best family experiences each Summer for our kids and for some of us that means planning a vacation. But with a family things can get really tight in the budget department, we all feel a little anxiety when planning our vacation budgets. So we took the time to talk to all the moms we could and find out the best tips and tricks for saving money while on vacation.

You Just Sleep There…

Lots of moms we talked to kept saying the same thing over and over again. Don’t put a bunch of your budget into your hotel rooms if that is the route you are taking. You will be exploring and barely in the room so why spend a bunch of money on something super fancy? Get what you need and spend your saved housing budget on other things. Spending a moderate amount on your room can be a huge budget saver.

If you do splurge a bit on a hotel or suite make sure you are getting more bang for your buck and find a great package deal. That will also help contribute to your savings in other places as well when they come with perks themselves. Never stay at a hotel that doesn’t provide breakfast, when you are a family this is essential and again cuts down on costs.

Snag The Book!

If you are planning a vacation right you will be wanting to eat out once or twice, and enjoy some of what the city you’re visiting has to offer.  Most of the great moms we chatted with definitely spoke up and said that if you are planning a family trip you need to snag the book.

What book is that??

The Entertainment book of course! One of the best ways to get great savings while you are out and about. Doing this in advance can also really help you plan out your itinerary as well. Of course other places to think about too for excursions, especially for larger families, is groupon.

Always Have a Fridge

The second money sucker of any family vacation can be food. If you are eating out at every meal you will be spending a lot of money. That is why ensuring you have access to at least a small fridge can be a huge help in terms of helping with your budget. You can purchase simple things like drinks, bread, milk, cereals, lunchmeat and things like that to cut down on breakfasts and lunch plans. This way you can focus on heading out for dinners together rather than a full three meals a day.

Saving Money

Car Seats On The Plane!

For those of us who need to have car seats while on vacation and would rather not spend the money to rent you can bring them on the plane. It is a great way to keep the kids contained, keep them safe and keep you wallet from feeling too light too soon. Another bonus to doing it this way rather than having them checked as baggage is you are also ensuring they aren’t damaged from point A to point B. The last thing you want to do is end up on the other end with damaged or compromised goods and still have to shell out money for another car seat at the other end.

Skip The Tours

All families we spoke to were adamant about skipping out on any guided tours. They all found them hard to stick too with their kids schedules. It is a lot harder to take a break from a tour that is guided and on a scheduling. Most preferred to do their exploring solo with their families. They can travel at the pace they like, take breaks when their kids needed to and of course really got to experience the local culture in a more immersive way.

There are so many tips and tricks for saving money while on vacation, if you think we missed any comment with your tips! 

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