10 Fun Online Activities That Don’t Cost Much

online activities

Wondering how to spend your free time this weekend? We have some great ideas for you. No need to leave your house. No need to break the bank. All you need is to have a smartphone with fast Internet.

Some online activities cost a little bit of money. But depending on your interests, they’re worth paying for. Without further ado, below are the best online activities to do during your free time.

#1: Watch a YouTube Documentary

Whether you’re into wildlife, conspiracy theories, or politics, you can be certain to find a great documentary on YouTube. The standard video runs 10-60 minutes. Sometimes you can come across documentaries that are three hours long.

The beauty of YouTube is that it’s free. It’s also packed with content. If you don’t like a video, you can exit and look for a better feature. If you like a documentary so much, you can look for another feature from the same channel.

#2: Play an Online Game

Online gaming is fun. This is especially true if you love multiplayer games. You can test your skills against talented players online. You can chat with them, complete missions together, or compete to win prizes.

The Internet is full of online games. Choose simple mobile games if you’re a casual player. Check out Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG if you want something more exciting.

Speaking of an exciting experience, check out slots, poker, blackjack, and more casino games. They’re fun. But you may need to spend a bit of money. Choose casinos accepting iDebit if you live in Canada. It’s one of the most convenient payment options in the country.

 #3: Stream a Comedy Movie on Netflix

Comedies are fun to watch alone or with friends. They make you laugh. And in doing so, they help you relieve stress and escape your daily struggles for a couple of hours.

The only problem with comedies is that they’re not created equal. Not all of them are going to make you laugh. So, spend some time figuring out the kinds of things that make you laugh.

If you like cringe humor, Man vs. Bee might be a good pick for you. If you’re into dark comedy, check out After Life. F is for Family, Bo Jack Horseman and King Fu Panda are excellent picks for someone into animation movies.

#4: Listen to a Podcast

Modern podcasts are nothing similar to radio channels. If you love Joe Rogan, he’s not limited to Spotify. You can watch most of his content on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

In other words, you can listen to your favorite Podcasters on an array of Networks. Spotify and iTunes are the most popular platforms. Both companies require you to pay for premium content.

But as mentioned, most podcasts are available free on social media. Listen to a variety of content creators on your favorite social networks. Then promote their content on Spotify or iTunes.

#5: Read an Ebook

Before YouTube and Instagram, people used to buy eBooks in droves. In fact, Amazon exploded in popularity for being a reliable place to buy books. These days, the number of book readers seems to be on the decline.

Be different. Look for an enjoyable book and use it to wind down your Sunday afternoon. Find a book centered on a topic you will love. Choose a romantic eBook if you watch romantic movies regularly. Select a motivational book if you’re feeling stressed.

Although you can download eBooks at no cost, you might need to pay for best sellers. Amazon sells each book individually. But sites like scribd.com charge you a small monthly fee to access hundreds of books.

#6: Take a Short Online Course

Learning can be fun. You just need to pick a topic you like. Let’s say you love photography. But you’re not good at photo and video editing. There’s a strong chance you’ll enjoy learning how to edit pics.

Similar to most things online, there’s a free and paid way to learn new skills online. Check out free platforms like YouTube. Sometimes you can learn amazing ideas at no cost.

If you want to learn seriously, usually in a methodical way, be prepared to buy courses. Sites like Udemy and Coursera charge you under $50 for most of their courses. And sometimes they give you a certificate to prove you completed specific courses.

#7: Explore Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular websites online. It’s a social platform where like-minded people meet.  But you probably already know that. Reddit is like an online village where people talk about all sorts of things.

So, you love cats? Join a forum for cat lovers. Get entertained by cat memes, GIFs, and short videos daily. If you’re into cars, Reddit is packed with all sorts of car threads and forums.

#8: Start a Blog

You might have heard it from a friend. Or maybe you read about it from your favorite blogger. Blogging isn’t just fun. It’s also an excellent way to make passive income.

Although registering for a domain name and web hosting takes a couple of hours, making money from a blog is easier said than done. It takes months of hard work and persistence.

#9: Chat with an AI Bot

AI chatbots are growing popular. If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out. Chatting with an AI bot isn’t exactly similar to chatting with your friend. It’s thrilling but in a different way. It feels great to discover how advanced technology is.

#10: Listen to Music

If you’re like many people, listening to music is your preferred way of killing time. Maybe you watch classic rock on YouTube. Perhaps you’re more into Spotify.

Regardless, listening to music online is convenient. You can create a playlist made up of your favorite artists. You can even arrange the order in which songs should be played.

Additionally, you can listen to your favorite jams while dancing, working out, or prepping your evening meals.


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