10 Fun Things About Living with Toddlers

Toddlers are fun.

They are cute, fun, playful, troublesome, loud, but still fun. It’s amazing all the fun things that come into play when they grow into this stage of walking, talking and imaginative play.

While kids are fantastic at any age, we thought it would be great to run down the list of fun things about living with a toddler (ok, some are not so fun but funny).

1. Anything you do is a BIG deal

Confidence booster – to them, you simply being able to reach the top cupboard or lift a chair is “whoa” to a toddler. At this stage, they are impressed with how much you can do, even if it’s really simple. Who doesn’t want to hear “wow mom, you are super strong!”

2. Excuses to have a Dance Party

They love to dance. This is your chance to blow off some stress, not care how you look and be silly and shake it all out with a fun time dancing (or jumping) to their fun grooves. They love it, and you remember how much you did too!

3. The Way They Talk

Toddlers have such expansive vocabulary. It’s the cutest thing to hear them have actual conversations, but still in a somewhat baby-ish voice, and mispronouncing things. No really, there is very few things cuter than this.

4. You Can Still Choose Their Clothes

They are still young, though talking and sometimes throwing tantrums, but you still pick out their clothes. So if you want them to wear floral, they will. Enjoy it while it lasts, before they are asking you for something trendy which is not something you love (it happens soon enough).

5. You Can Still Get Them To Do Things with a Song

Clean up – sing a song and get it done. Brush your teeth – there are songs for that too. At this stage, making things fun by putting them into a tune makes getting them done a lot easier. That will be tough when they no longer find it fun…so enjoy it while it lasts.

6. They Don’t Know When You’re Fibbing

Ok. So this sounds bad, but really who hasn’t told a little lie. You telling them about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and/or coming up with a story about why the chocolate chip cookies are all gone, well they still believe in anything you say. How beautiful.

7. Early Bedtimes

Kids going to bed by 730 or 8 pm – nothing else needed to be said.

8. They Still Love to Cuddle

Little arms around you, being able to fit in your lap, you being able to carry them. Oh…these are precious times to get all of that in before they become too cool for mom cuddles. This is the best.

9. They Need You

As tiring as parenting can be, it’s nice to be needed. And they need you, for everything. While their independence is growing, you still are so needed and they know that.

10. Little Mini Mes Emerging

As they grow, you may be able to see either yours or partner’s personalities within them (not only their looks). Just how they model your behaviour, how they do things that may remind you of your ways/childhood, it’s a little surreal while very neat, to say the least.



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