2015 Lincoln Navigator | Review


We have been driving various family vehicles this year to review them and to see if they may be a fit for our family and find out if we’re ready to move away from a mini-van or not.


Last month we drove the 2015 Lincoln Navigator. I knew it would be huge, and I knew that my husband would enjoy it since he’s leaning towards a large SUV. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed this vehicle. Yes, it’s big, but it’s easy to handle, has an amazing turning radius and due, once again, to the backup camera, is easy to park and back into spaces.


Being a bigger vehicle means easier seating choices with three kids and the occasional playdate addition as well. This is exactly why we want another 7-seater.


The Navigator came equipped with plenty of options and all the bells & whistles you would expect in a luxury SUV. The electronic dash even provided the number of kilometres until your fuel tank would be empty.


I couldn’t believe this next feature when I first saw it. The rearview side mirrors light up the ground with a Lincoln logo when you unlock the truck with the fob. Very cool when getting in or out of your vehicle in the dark.


This model of the Navigator even had the automatic running boards that pop out when you open the door and pop back in when you close the doors.

I was surprised this vehicle fit into our garage, but it did!


Overall, the Lincoln Navigator met all of my must-haves:

  • leather upholstery
  • back-up camera
  • push-button lift-gate
  • USB connection
  • heated seats
  • power sun roof
  • Fits in my garage
  • 7 passenger seating

And also offered a lot of ‘nice to haves’:

  • Excellent agility for a large SUV
  • Excellent turning radius
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Cooled seats
  • Lane control
  • Electronic running boards
  • Lighted ground entry

The price as driven was $66,000 which works out to about $978 per month over 7 years according the Cars.com Auto Loan Calculator.

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