3 Ways to Enjoy Fall Weather with Toddlers

sun beaming fall weather vancouver

Fall is among us. The big kids are back at school, the older toddlers are in pre-school for a chunk of time, and the little ones are at home, likely wanting to still play outside. You can still get out and enjoy fall weather with toddlers, do not worry.

It’s no secret that fall in Vancouver usually means rain, and more rain. However, we do get those nice, though chilly, but nice days still.  Ending off summer and a lot of playtime outside can mean some restless little ones, and going stir crazy (with no siblings to bug), may mean just venturing out.

Put on a rain jacket, some jogging pants, and think about hitting up one of these ideas in the city.  Trust me, they will love it, play, and probably take a nap soon after.


Leave the stroller and hit the path!

There are a couple of good paths in the city, that are not too busy, have playgrounds nearby, paved, and gives the kids a chance to run, themselves, safely.

  • Victoria Drive and Kent – all the way past Marine Drive
  • Yaletown Marinaside – past the shops and restaurant


Toddler Playgrounds

Visit a park with a toddler playground, or is a toddler-focused park, here are just a few out there that are super great.

  • Grays Park – there is a smaller playground just for toddlers
  • Mount Pleasant Park – behind the larger play areas, is a smaller playground for toddlers only
  • Park on Sophia and 15th – this is a small park with a toddler-sized playground and toys already present


Take to the hills!

There are a couple of great places with rolling hills. The kids have a blast running up, with you, and rolling down together. These places are fantastic to roll around.

  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Kensington Park


These are just a few ideas that are toddler friendly, fun, and will be sure to make your little one run off some energy, all while enjoying fall in Vancouver.


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