The 5 P’s of Glamping with Kids

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By:  Heather van Mil

5 P’s of Glamping with Kids

Glamping {glamorous camping} is a fun and inexpensive getaway for families to enjoy this summer. It can range from RVing to yurts to cabins to suit any family’s taste for adventure and budget.

Follow these 5 P’s to get the most out of your glamping experience.


Do your research and think things through. What type of accommodations are you looking for and what amenities are available? Do you want a kitchenette or will you pack ready-to-eat food? Is there heat, water and electricity or do you want to rough it? Where will everyone sleep? Do you need to bring portable beds/cribs or bedding? Especially when you have young children, going through your daily routine and translating it to your new location will help ensure you have covered everything!


This step will help save both sanity and money! Preparing food ahead of time that is ready to eat or ready to cook means avoiding grocery shopping or eating out while on your trip. We pack healthy snacks, made delicious breakfast muffins and froze homemade turkey burgers (recipe below) to fuel our fun. Having wet/dirty bags for clothing and swimsuits, and a plan for all those dirty diapers will keep the smell and mess contained! A small first aid kit is a must; in our family it includes not only band aids and antiseptic, but also extra soothers.


Knowing your route and the stops you want to make are important to glamping success. It doesn’t have to be set in stone; our family likes to have as much spontaneity as is possible with 2 young children, but take a look at your start and end points and plan a few fun stop options along the way. If we have a long drive with our 2 car hating children, we like to leave at nap time and have a fun, leg-stretching adventure 2-3 hours later.


Perhaps this goes without saying, but how your pack is almost as important as what you pack! If the kids games and snacks are at the bottom of the trunk, they won’t be much use. Similarly, if you have packed frozen or perishable food, make sure you have adequate ice and coolers to keep your food from spoiling.
Play – we all know that kids love to play so be sure to check out the options nearby. Having a playground and beach/pool on site will provide hours of entertainment and community events, fairs and parties are abundant throughout the summer. Check out local town websites for event listings.

Above all go with the flow, relax and enjoy your family and your vacation. Although you can’t plan for every eventuality, we can help get you off on the right foot with this delish and healthy turkey burger recipe. These burgers can be precooked or frozen to make for an easy and yummy meal option no matter what amenities you have.

Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers

Spinach Turkey Burgers

Makes 8 patties


  • 2 lbs ground turkey
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup feta cheese
  • 2 cups chopped fresh baby spinach
  • approximately 1 cup Italian breadcrumbs


Break up feta cheese with a fork or cheese grater. Spinach can be chopped or torn by hand. Mix together turkey, eggs, cheese and spinach in a large mixing bowl. Feta cheese and spinach amounts can be altered to taste. Add in breadcrumbs part by part, mixing in between until you get a firm but moist consistency. Exact amount depends on type and amounts of feta and spinach used

Form into patties slightly larger then the palm of your hand. Patties can be frozen or cooked at this stage, and can be BBQ’d, baked, pan fried or cooked over an open campfire.


Heather van Mil is the sassy, somewhat sarcastic, seldom sanctimonious mama behind Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play. She is a freelance writer and blogger at Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play. On it she chases Good Food, Good Finds, Good Fun……and 2 small children (which translates to yummy recipes, awesome product review, fun places to check out, a smattering of op-eds and lots and lots of her 2 gorgeous girls!). Just in case this wasn’t enough, she has just launched her newest baby – Word of Mom Marketing – where she consults and strategizes with companies on the best practices and vehicles to reach and engage the young family market. 

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