5 things Friday – more easy Christmas shopping ideas


As a follow-up to last week’s Christmas Shopping post, here are some more great & easy ideas to get your Christmas Shopping done in a snap! Get most of your shopping done earlier so you can get everything shipped to you, thereby skipping the need for line-ups, and all the last-minute mayhem that awaits! As a busy mom, this is my ideal method of shopping. I would not push it past December 15th to ensure everything arrives in time.

5 more great & easy Christmas ideas:

1. A box of gorgeous confections from Mink Chocolates. There’s giving chocolate and there’s giving chocolate. Mink is one of the best and they are a local company in downtown Vancouver. But you can also order online for shipping worldwide! I first discovered Mink via a friend, who gifted me an adorable Welcome Newborn Gift Box (complete with a onesie saying “If I’m crying, feed the nearest adult chocolate!”) when my son was born. Mink makes the most amazing chocolate bars with a great array of flavors and names. And be sure to peruse their gorgeous and colorful bonbons.

2. Spa gift certificates. You can give me a gift certficiate to a spa for $10 and I’ll love it. You know why? Because I’ll just HAVE to book an appointment to the spa as I have a gift certificate to use :-). And my favourite spas let you order gift certificates online or will mail them straight to you. Breathe Spa is home to the BEST facials and body scrub treatments in town. Truly. Go and you won’t regret it. Le Petit Spa offers excellent treatments and pedicures in a relaxing environment. They also have the best chocolate and cookie treats, amazing lavender tea, and wonderful staff. It makes for a perfect escape. Bloom Essentials is famous for their amazing Picasso Pedicures, painting your toes with the most beautiful designs. I have a Christmas holly painted on my red toes right now, courtesy of Bloom.

3. “Hoity Toity” Tea – The Urban Tea Merchant is home to some seriously amazing and high-end tea from France. The leaves are of the highest quality and taste and come in beautifully packaged tins. A special gift for any connoisseur of tea. Or, also consider the coveted Empress Tea Blend.  You can only have it high tea at the famous Empress Hotel in Victoria…or from the Fairmont Hotel Store online. You need to order a minimum of 3 boxes, but they make great little hostess gifts through the holiday season.

4. Theatre Tickets – Consider buying tickets to a local show – throwing in the babysitting makes it an event better gift! The Arts Club and Vancouver Playhouse both have a great selection of shows to choose from and it makes for a great night on the town for your gift recipient. Broadway show Jersey Boys is also coming to Vancouver in 2012 for the first time.

5. Museum/Activity Memberships – Gifting a year-long membership to a place like the Vancouver Aquarium or Science World makes for a gift that keeps giving and can appeal to a wide range of ages. My 30+ friend has a membership to the Aquarium and goes all the time  – it’s the place takes his nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Good luck with the last minute shopping!

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