5 Things To Do Around Town Nov 18

Happy Friday!

Don’t forget to enter our Facebook contest to win tickets to our Modern Bump Brunch on November 27th (contest ends today). And don’t forget that our early bird ticket price of $29 is on until November 20th. Get your tickets.

This week’s 5 things features some of our favourite things…and they’re all being given away at our Modern Bump Brunch!

1. Comfortable breastfeeding. I gave birth to my baby one year ago and how I wish I knew about Au Fait Mama, Ta Ta Tents, and Coverboo Couture – Au Fait Mama has gorgeous nursing tops and scarves while Ta Ta Tents and Coverboo Couture are unique nursing covers for you to feed that baby in public, privately.

2. Stylish and practical baby. Let’s be honest, a baby is cute in anything! What I love are products that are cute, but also practical for mom. Peekinz Baby makes high quality baby clothes with a genius “pocket” for you to check baby’s diaper. Bambina Sky makes these gorgeous bandana style bibs and great tag blankets. The bibs look great, and they’re extra long to catch those extra long drools. Apricot Culotte sells used and new European baby clothes that are high quality and a great price. Apricot Culotte is putting together a great “newborn” package for a lucky winner at our brunch on the 27th.

3. Basic resources for mom. I can’t think of a better book than the Survival Guide for Rookie Moms by Vancouver Mamas Erica Wells and Lorraine Regel. And you absolutely need a solid diaper bag for getting around town. Fulton Sales is providing a gorgeous one by the ultimate diaper bag makers, Petunia Pickle Bottom

4. Starting your baby’s education plan. Yes, we start early saving up for our little ones. Children’s Education Funds is giving one lucky mama-to-be a $500 RESP to jump start their savings.

5. Mama needs a break. When you’re ready for a break, go get pampered at the spa. Le Petit Spa is offering a spa treatment to a lucky mama AND giving all brunch attendees a gift certificate for the spa. Le Petit Spa offers mom & baby spa day on Wednesday too, so you can go with or without baby.

And these are just SOME of our prizes. I haven’t even mentioned that we’re introducing AND giving away our top 10 must-have items for newborns with West Coast Kids. West Coast Kids is also offering amazing prizes (like over $1000 in great prizes!) at our Edmonton Brunch this Sunday.

We’re looking forward to giving away all these amazing prizes. There’s too many to list now and and more coming in every day, so we’ll keep updating the list!

To get access to all these prizes, please join us for a great brunch celebrating all our pregnant mamas on November 27th.

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