7 Easy Clean Summer Crafts For Kids Of All Ages!

Rainy Day Activities

Summer break can be a trying time for the parents and kids staying home. Siblings fighting, more mess to clean, and of course the constant chorus of: “I’M BORED!!!!” It can be hard to keep everyone happy. This is why we thought some of you could use these 7 easy clean-up Summer crafts all kids can do. And hopefully do without any fighting and with lots of laughter.

Give The Kid A Pet

Now if you don’t mind a little mess this might be right up your alley. This is for all the kids who keep asking for a dog when you don’t want to even open that can of worms. The Pet Rock by Hillary With Two L’s is your solution. It is all the pet without all the work, plus the kids can make their rocks look anyway they like which will buy you at least an hour of time to clean or put your feet up. Best part is the only accidents these pets will have in your house is during the painting process!

Let Them Have Paint!

Paint. This isn’t something I super enjoy doing with my kids as the clean up is always a headache and it isn’t my house clean up – its my kids. Somehow they can get paint in the silliest of places; like their ears. So, because of this, I am a huge advocate for letting them have paint… when it is tightly and safely sealed inside ziploc bags. Doing it this way also lends to even the youngest of artists to get in on the action just like Mama. Papa. Bubba. shows us with her Tummy Time Painting tutorial! Nothing better than being able to let them get creative at any age, on the go and without making a mess of your house or themselves.

Image Taken By Mama Papa Bubba [SOURCE]

Celebrate Tidy Friendships

If you have tween girls in the house you might be the kind of parent that needs to get a little more creative when it comes to craft ideas to keep them busy. My answer for you? Polymer clay, or fimo as they used to call it in my day. It is a great way to spend a few hours with a good friend and if you need a really great idea check out these polymer Best Friend Necklaces by Projects with Kids. Something they can work on making for each other over nibbles and with minimal clean up for them to do after.

Save That Dough!

Kids go through things fast, having two boys made me realize this faster than most. Between clothing, toys, books and replacing destroyed items they are spending a pretty penny. Add in the little things like markers that are left out uncapped to dry or play-dough not put away in time – and you are going batty. So when I find things like this DIY Playdough Recipe by Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play it makes my wallet super happy. This is even softer too which really puts the cherry on top for me.

Image Taken By Kat Petrunia for: [SOURCE]

LEGO is for Crafts too!

Most of our kids all have a huge LEGO collection and as parents I like to think all of us want to see our kids get the most out of everything. So when it comes to things like LEGO you can really help them think outside the box when it comes to art. It isn’t something that comes to mind when you think of art which is why I loved this LEGO portrait idea from Mama PaPa Bubba. This is a great way to break kids out of their artistic shells and seeing what they come up with is too much fun. This is even a great family night activity, where everyone makes one of each other over nibbles and giggles.

If You Can’t Beat Them Join Them

The fidget spinner craze is taking over in full force and lots of us have kids that are begging for them or have too many. With these things typically not being super cheap it is nice to know there are some super smart parents out there to help so us how to make them with LEGO pieces our kid likely has. This LEGO fidget spinner from The Write Balance is a great idea for your busy buzzing kids. Add this to your LEGO portrait night and you will be the coolest mom on the block! These LEGO crafts are great to pre-pack for vacation play as well!

Summer Crafts

Catch the Sun!

For those of you with little ones just learning how to get up and around all on their own; it can be really hard to keep them in one spot. Keeping them in one place and stimulated doing something for a longer duration of time is one of the hardest things about parenting a newly mobile child. So when I found these Sun-catcher sensory bags by Growing A Jeweled Rose I knew I had found the holy grail of ideas for kids of this age. These are amazing for keeping your little ones busy and in awe of all the gorgeous colors this planet has to offer. Bonus is you can keep them up for more than day, teach them all about color mixing and give yourself a little breathing time to drink your coffee warm.

With all the running around you do with your kids we hope that these will help you keep them busy with less clean up for you.

Here’s to a clean house and a warm cup of coffee once in awhile!

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