7 Quick Meals For Busy Families

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Parenting is a never ending whirlwind of things to clean, do and feed. With trying to live our own lives in between it all, while trying to keep a small ounce of sanity, you can feel yourself getting run down from time to time. Which is why I have always been a huge fan of super quick meals to help me out when I feel like I have too much going on. Nothing makes me feel better than a great meal that takes me little to no time to make – and I have seven for your to pick from!

Best Baked Chicken Fajitas Recipe from Tipbuzz

This is a great one pan meal that I love to make for my family when I am stuck for time. Since, after a grocery shop, I do my best to pre-prep veggies for my weekly meals this is always an especially easy meal for me to pull off. All I need to do is toss some of my pre-cut veggies onto the pan, add my meat the amazing sauce and bake till everything perfect and delicious. Steam some tortillas and pair with my families favorite sauces and some lime and everyone is sitting down to eat in under 30 minutes. Then you can quickly run out the door to practice or whatever it is your family might have to do.

Baked Parmesan Pork Chops from The Wholesome Dish

Need a meal that looks like you have spent a lot of time putting it together? This is the perfect idea. If you all of a sudden have unexpected guests to impress and little to no time to cook this is an ideal option. It is fast, easy and impressive as long as you don’t over cook your asparagus. After a long day of work for both you and your partner this is a great cozy meal to come home too, whoever might be prepping. It will taste like you’ve spent hours planning something that you made all on one pan – simple food and a small amount of dishes makes this an ideal family dinner.

Beef Pho Noodle Soup from A Healthy Life For Me 

On those days where you are super run down feeling and in desperate need of a little help. Maybe this is the day one of those weeks where you are working through a cold and can’t quite seem to get better. Pho in this situation is always one of my go to’s. It always makes me feel almost human again after a nice big warm spicy bowl of it. This recipe gives you the ability to make yourself a nice bowl without leaving the house. For this recipe I like to add just a slice of ginger when I am sick – it just adds a little extra healing power if I have a throat cold.

quick meals

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Instant Pot Honey Sesame Chicken from Six Sisters’ Stuff

This amazing recipe is one of my boys favorite meals. They love the tangy sweetness of this dish and I can pair it with rice or quinoa depending on my mood. Of course you can easily cook both in your instant pot easily and it is a great recipe to make if you have little ones who really want to help. They can easily throw in everything after you have put the meat into the instant pot making it a super great recipe to get them helping in the kitchen! Make extra of this and is travels great in a thermos of school and work lunches – so I like to do my best to ensure I have some leftovers.

Swift Sweet Potato Coconut Curry from Blissful Basil + Veganosity

If you are looking for a beautifully filling vegan option for your family make it this one. It has such divine flavor of sweet and savory in the perfect balance. This one is another recipe I like to make too much of and save for my own lunches throughout the week. It is not only quick but super affordable to make in bigger batches which makes this mom super happy. A great meal that hits the spot on a rainy wet day when you are in need of a bit of guilt free comfort food.

Instant Pot Mongolian Beef from Aunt Bee’s Recipes

If you have never made or had Mongolian beef you are missing out on a family meal you will be praised for, for weeks to come. I like to throw this out when my kids are in bad moods or even as a spur of the moment celebratory meal. It is one of my kids top three meals which is why I like to save it for when it is really needed. Simple to make and a crowd pleaser like no other.

One-Pot Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup from Gal on a Mission

Sometimes after a busy day all you want to do is curl up into a blanket with a hot bowl of soup and make it an easy night. Maybe as a family you need a night of dinner under blankets in front of a funny movie. Whatever it is this soup is honestly perfect for it. Another fast dinner that you can dump together easily and quickly, then let it cook while you browse Netflix for something to watch and get changed into your jammies. A majorly filling soup that will leave you feeling like you got a hug from the inside out.

So don’t let those busy days get you down, you can still manage to make a fast and incredible meal for yourself and your family. Make it quick, make it fresh and make it with love.

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