8 Things to do on a Rainy Summer Day

We have had a gorgeous summer so far in Vancouver. But rain can happen anytime in Vancouver. If you find yourself wondering what to do with your little ones on a rainy summer day, don’t despair. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

8 Ideas for a Rainy Summer Day in Vancouver

1. Public Libraryrainy summer day library

With branches all across the city, the Vancouver Public Library is a fabulous, free way to get out of the house with kids on a rainy summer day. You can explore books with your little ones, or attend a storytime or other event. Want to know what’s cooking for kids in local libraries? Check out guides.vpl.ca/kids.

2. Outdoor Pool

This is a little unconventional, but hear us out. You’re going to get wet anyway at an outdoor pool, so a little rain doesn’t matter, especially if the weather isn’t too cold. You may even have the pool more or less to yourself on a rainy summer day. Just remember to pack an extra towel. Check out our post on Vancouver outdoor pools for more info.

3. Vancouver Aquariumrainy summer day vancouver aquarium

This isn’t the cheapest option, but the Vancouver Aquarium is popular with locals and visitors alike for good reason. And buying a membership makes it much more affordable, since it pays off in just a couple of visits and gets you a discount on other aquarium purchases. Kids will love whiling away a rainy summer day in Clownfish Cove and the rest of the exhibits. Want to know more? Visit www.vanaqua.org.

4. Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds and community centre playtimes were invented just for the rainy summer day. Or, for that matter, the rainy winter day. Let your little ones blow off some steam and maybe even meet another mama or two. Need ideas? Read our post about five indoor playgrounds in Vancouver.

5. Science Worldrainy summer day science world

Once again, Science World is very popular with Vancouver families and visitors for a reason. And once again buying a membership will make visiting much more affordable. Adventurous toddlers will have a great time in the Eureka Gallery, and little ones of all ages will have fun in Kidspace. Head to www.scienceworld.ca for more info.

6. Public Transit

Riding a train or a boat is a big adventure for a toddler, and they are just as happy if it’s the SkyTrain or the SeaBus as if it’s a more expensive tour. Plus – bonus points – kids four and under ride free. It’s an affordable way to get out of the house on a rainy summer day, and at the end you can do a little shopping. It’s slightly more expensive, but on False Creek you can also ride the Aquabus for a fun adventure. Visit www.translink.ca or theaquabus.com for routes and fares.

7. Puddle Jumpingrainy summer day puddle jumping

Who says you have to stay inside just because it’s a little wet on a rainy summer day? Not us. A good pair of boots and raincoat (for both little ones and mamas) will make the rain much easier to take. Find the best puddles and let your kids splash to their heart’s content. We find that side streets and playgrounds are host to some of the best splashing spots.

8. Kid-Friendly Cafe

There are a number of local cafes and eateries that cater to families. You get a coffee and your favourite pastry, the kids get to play, and everyone gets out of the house on a rainy summer day. What’s not to love? Three of our places to visit are Kokopelli Cafe on Dunbar, Sweet Salt Baked Goods & Playscapes on Fraser, and Circus Play Cafe on Commercial (note that Circus Play charges for admission to its awesome playspace).

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