A Dress That Slims


Fake Out  //  Disguise  //  Peplum  //  Distractor

By: Tairalyn Ciulla

Summer has us reaching into our wardrobes for something cool, yet still comfortable and complimentary in the bodies we are currently in. Motherhood can play games with not only with our hearts and minds, but our comfort in fashion. What we felt beautiful in once before, what we once gravitated to for beauty; is now at the far end of the closet, rarely seeing the light of day. I am terrible for this, and I should know better. Honoring your curves, and dressing to enhance the lovely new bodies we have is what we need to focus on. 

I have 4 lovely dress styles that will not only make you feel your best, but show you a reflection in the mirror true to what others see. It’s funny how our eyes can play tricks on us when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We are our own worst critic, with DOVE prooving it perfectly in a video here. We are far more beautiful than we ever allow ourselves to see and truly believe. Until now. 

The Fake Out: Simply put. A dress that gives the shape of curves and features them, versus hiding them in an all over solid color. Anyone that fights against their curves will walk out with black-eyes and broken bones. I promise you. Work what you have now, and never look back.

The Disguise: Hanging just so, what this dress lacks in shape is gains in beauty. Fun and flirty dresses like the disguise are best purchased on the shorter side, ensuring you don’t get lost in it. Let the dress flow, and leave your worries behind. You don’t always have to show every curve to look beautiful.  

The Peplum: For me, the Peplum is a dress I can be myself in. Accenting my curves that I love the most, and masking those that I am working on bettering. Flattering on every woman, the Peplum should be your go-to dress. Feeling like a million bucks is worth far more than it says in dollars. You just need to let yourself get there. 

The Distractor: Go bold or go home. A loud, busy print takes the attention of all those around your in the best sort of way. When the eye is not able to focus on one particular curve it opts for skimming the entire look all at once, and focuses on your beauty as one. I love a good Distractor.

Enjoy shopping, Enjoy getting dressed. Enjoy the curves you have now.

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