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Do you have your child in activities? We do, always have. My girls have been taking dance or gymnastics and swimming since they were 6 months old.

Don’t get me wrong – not all the time, nor all at once. I’m not a competitive mom at all. I believe firmly my girls should enjoy the activities that they are enrolled in.


I believe they got their non-competitive nature from me, either unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it.

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These days my oldest is excited to play on the volleyball team at school, middle girl is doing track and field and pre-competitive gymnastics and my youngest in gymnastics and swimming.

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ivivva is the baby sister to Lululemon, also founded in Vancouver, Canada.

They offer clothing for girls who are active in many different sports and activities. Their main goal is to make it comfortable and suitable for their chosen activity.

My girls and I recently went for what they call a ‘fit session’ at ivivva in West Vancouver. The staff sets up the girls in a fitting room with several outfits that suit their activities. Then they want to hear from the girls if it fits well, what they would change about the item(s) and what they like. The staff take notes because the brand is continuously improving their clothing.

The staff take notes because the brand is continuously improving their clothing.


Yes, it’s pricey. It’s high quality and the fabrics are selected specifically for the type of activity the customer is active in.

For example, Berlin’s running pants have stretch, ventilation as well as reflection for track and field.

I also find that the quality lasts and lasts through many machine washings, and even multiple children. I’ve purchased ivivva for all of my girls to hand down in the past and it truly holds up the test of time.


ivivva stores also offer classes like yoga and zumba for girls and goal setting workshops. I love their passion for supporting young girls with positive messaging and encouraging physical and mental wellness.

Check out your local ivivva store today (or online!)!


*We received clothing from ivivva for this post.


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