Canada’s Best Remote Holiday Spots 2024

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When you’re booking a vacation that includes you and your partner and your little ones, the tendency can be to book places reasonably close by that might have a lot of touristy things to do to entertain the kids. While there’s merit in that argument (we all know what it’s like being on a long-haul flight with children!), there is plenty of merit in bearing down and getting through the journey to find yourselves in an exquisite, calm, and maybe even wild destination together. We are all about exploring Canada — especially the incredible beauty of the Great North’s remote holiday destinations. These are the most scenic remote getaways in Canada, how to reach them in style, and why you should try them for your next family vacation.

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If you’re planning on traveling somewhere remote, that likely means a long time in the air with your partner and kids. Having been there ourselves, we know this sounds incredibly stressful, but worry not. There is a simple solution that allows you to start your holiday as soon as your flight takes off: book yourselves a private plane. This indulgence is worth it for all the extra family time, well-rested minds and bodies, and time saved by setting your schedule yourself. A small private jet can also often land at more remote locations than the enormous aircraft you would otherwise use.

Pangnirtung, Nunavut

The freedom you feel when you set foot in the first-ever Canadian territory is genuinely magical. There is no other way into this stunning little hamlet than by plane, which gives you an idea of how truly off the beaten track the destination is. Here, in the Wild North, you and your family can participate in hikes, kayaking (there may be an age restriction on this activity, so remember to enquire beforehand), dog sledding, and aurora watching, just to name a few activities.

Nowhere else in Canada do outsiders have such intimate access to the Inuit people’s culture and ways of life. The “place of the bull caribou” (as Pangnirtung is known in Inuktitut) is a gateway to the Auyuittuq National Park. In this pristine expanse of wilderness, you’ll find Mount Thor, the location of the world’s most significant vertical drop. You can camp at the mountain’s base (remember the extremely low temperature in this part of Canada and plan/ prepare accordingly) or camp at Coronation Fjord and perhaps spot some icebergs. Head to the outfitters at Iqaluit in the village: they’ll be able to provide you with all the gear and advice you could ever need.

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Atlin, British Columbia

A short 60-mile detour of the Alcan will land you at the picturesque village of Atlin. Here, in a tiny little town, you can stay within eyeshot of the Lewellyn Glacier and take in the beauty of the largest freshwater lake in British Columbia. Here in Atlin, you can spend your days strolling past quaint little wooden churches and the town’s best-known attraction: a wooden boat built there in 1917 during the gold rush. If you’re a family of music and the arts, you could book your stay to coincide with the Arlin Arts and Music festival, which takes place annually around July.

If you need to be more adventurous to camp outdoors in our previous location, booking a stay in Atlin will scratch the itch you have to be in the middle of nowhere while still allowing you a few modern conveniences. Between three and five hundred people live in Atlin year round, and there’s no phone signal, so it is still a real escape. When the town was founded, it was almost all miners and their families. Now, the year-round population comprises nature lovers, craftspeople, and artists, adding extra magic.

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Kamloops, British Columbia

Here in Kamloops, two rivers meet and form the Thompson. There are several hotels in this pristine region, so finding somewhere full of modern conveniences will pose no problem. Each location is within easy reach of the stunning Kamloops Lake, which boasts a gorgeous sandy coastline perfect for exploring with the little ones. If your family is active, several ski slopes in that area draw people from all over the country.

A mere 19 km along the South Thompson River, you’ll find the BC Wildlife Park, which makes for an enriching and exciting day trip for the family. If you’re lucky (and careful), you may even get to clap your eyes on grizzly bears or a pack of Arctic wolves. The park also operates the Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Center, which rehabilitates injured or incapacitated birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians and releases them back into the wild.

Wild Canada

Taking your family on holiday in remote, exquisite Canada will open up many experiences that could become memories you treasure for the rest of your life. These Canadian destinations will take your breath away.

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