Disney’s Christopher Robin

*I was given complimentary tickets to the advanced screening, as always all my opinions are my own*

Christopher Robin is all grown up, he has a family and a demanding job that seems to have drained him of the magic he once possessed. When he gets a surprise visit from Winnie the Pooh he doesn’t realize that his childhood friend will remind him of the important things in life and help him find himself again.

Christopher Robin is tasked with helping Pooh find his friends in the 100 acre wood, while on he is is determined to help Pooh and return to work he gets caught up in the wonder of the woods and is reminded of his sense of wonder and adventure and his spark for life is renewed. The story is filled with twists and turns, laughs and heart warming moments you will be happy to share with your family.

This movie takes Christopher Robin and the audience on a trip down memory lane, all of your favourite characters are there tigger, piglet, owl and eeyore. There just as you remember them and all of the childhood memories you had growing up with these lovable characters will flood back to you as you watch the story unfold.

This movie reminds you of the most important parts of life, making time for your family and those who you care about most. Loved by adults and children alike this is definitely a must see movie of the summer and I know at our house we will be watching this one again and again.

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