4 Questions to Ask When Decluttering for Spring


*I received compensation for this decluttering post, but as always all my opinions are my own*

Kids items seem to multiple overnight, you wake up one morning swimming in clothes, legos and baby toys. Spring is here and I recently discovered Reshopper, an app specifically for selling kids items! It’s easy and fun to use and needless to say, I’m in full on de-clutter mode. Getting started can be overwhelming, I’ve collected some ways to help you start decluttering and solutions for where to put the items that you no longer need.

When you aren’t sure if you should keep or get rid of an item ask yourself:

  1. Do your kids use it daily?
  2. Is it broken, missing pieces or needs batteries?
  3. Do you have multiples of the same item?
  4. Do you have room for it, does it have a place?

reshopperOnce you’ve decided that you no longer need the item my favourite way to declutter and decide where to send it is to set up three bins:

  1. Recycle/trash
  2. Donate
  3. Sell

Did you know you can schedule a free pick up for donation items with Wins (Women in Needs Society) online! Check it out here.

Consider selling some of your items that are gently used or brand new (every kids closet has some of those never fit at the right time brand new pieces). I recently discovered an app called Reshopper, designed specifically for selling children’s items. The app is easy to use and I love the little store front it creates for your items. Another bonus is that you can sell items you no longer need while keeping an eye out for new items you do need, I’ve been keeping an eye out for rubber boots for when spring finally decides to join us here in Calgary.

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