Easy Delivery to Croatia from Canada with Meest: How to Get Started


Delivery to Croatia from Canada couldn’t be easier. Typically, you’d find your nearest Meest agent and send your parcel through them. But if you don’t feel like searching, driving around, and wasting time, just head to the Meest Portal and handle everything online in 5 minutes. Simply register your package online, attach the sticker, and drop it off at any convenient Meest or partner location.

There’s also some vital info that’ll be helpful for anyone looking at how to send a parcel to Croatia from Canada. So, pay close attention!

Key Tips for Shipping to Croatia from Canada

Great news: If you’re sending personal stuff valued under 45 EUR from one person to another in the same shipment, you can ship them duty-free! For more detailed info, check out https://ca.meest.com/services/service/delivery-to-croatia. In the meantime, we’ve put together all the necessary information into a compact list of handy tips:

Sending international parcels is a breeze with the Meest Portal — the quickest and easiest way! You can do everything online, including payment. And the best part? No need to go anywhere — a courier can pick up the parcel from your doorstep!

  • Ensure your box is light: up to 20 kg for AIR and 30 kg for SEA.
  • Before shipping, check the website for a list of no-no items to avoid customs delays.
  • Your parcel can’t weigh more than 30 kg in total.
  • Plus, the company automatically throws in $60.00 insurance, and you can add up to $800 more.

How to Calculate the Cost of Parcel Delivery to Croatia

To send a parcel to Croatia without spending too much, hop onto the Meest Canada website and try our online calculator. This helpful tool lets you determine if you should send your item as it is, change the shipping method, lighten the load, or divide it into smaller packages. Just input the weight, size, where it’s going, and how much it’s worth. Here’s the lowdown on how long it takes for your parcel to get to Croatia:

  • By AIR: It’ll be at your door in 10-15 business days.
  • By SEA: You’ll wait about 6-8 weeks.

As for the rates:

  • AIR Shipping: Kicks off at $7.95 per kg.
  • SEA Shipping: Starts at just $4.45 per kg.

Meest Portal users can always view the current prices for their desired destination in their registered account.

Why Sending Packages to Croatia with Meest is a Smart Choice


Dealing with Meest Canada is not just convenient, but it’s safe and advantageous, too. First, with over 35 years in the game, the company knows the ins and outs of delivery, delivering a professional service every time. And when you throw in our pleasantly low prices for Croatia, the choice is clear. Here are a few more perks that keep our customers coming back for more:

  • Tailored Approach: Meest Canada doesn’t stick to one method of delivery. We offer our clients several options, ensuring the best fit in terms of price and shipping time.
  • Attractive Prices and Bonuses: We’ve got sweet deals for newbies and loyal regulars. Plus, keep an eye out for ticket giveaways to concerts of big-name artists — just for using our service or signing up. Don’t miss out!
  • Expert Assistance: Since customers are handling parcel shipments from home, we provide detailed instructions on how to do it right. And if you have any questions, our consultants are always on standby to clarify things.
  • Flexible Delivery Methods: Not everyone can swing by our office, so Meest Canada offers the option to arrange for a courier to pick up your package from home. Plus, there are many drop-off locations, including partner spots, so you can leave your box on your way to work.

Meest Canada’s international express delivery service operates swiftly to any destination worldwide. To send a parcel to Croatia hassle-free, simply visit our website and follow the easy steps. Then, keep track of your package using the Portal and contact our consultants online if you need any assistance.

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