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Our readers are interested in parenting, lifestyle, wellness, fashion, beauty, and personal development. Most of our readers are moms like me, and they love learning about new businesses, services, or products that can enhance their lives, and that of their families.

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From time-to-time, I will write reviews about products or services that I believe my readers will be interested in, and that I also believe in as well. If you’d like to send me a product/provide a service for review, please email me at and I will let you know if it’s a good fit. Cost associated varies.

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I love attending events, conferences, and trade shows. In fact, part of the reason I knew I would be a perfect Modern Mama Director is because I was always attending community events and I had an overwhelming need to share everything I had experienced + all of the awesome businesses/vendors I encountered!

If you’d like to give me a press pass in exchange for writing about your event, please contact me at to discuss.

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