Father’s Day Giveaway: Marble Slab Creamery Cake!

Father’s Day is THIS Sunday! Who knew?!

I mean, it really snuck up on me!

My Father-in-Law is coming from out of town to visit for the week so Mike will have his Dad here for Father’s Day and they will be together on this special day for the first time in years.

I’m not entirely sure yet how we’ll celebrate and mark the occasion. Sight-seeing, the beach, maybe a bar-b-que (complete with the Fathers doing the bar-b-queuing, of course!). The weather forecast is calling for sunshine all the way, I’m sure we’ll indulge in some cool treats along with our special day.

I love Marble Slab. We have one nearby and it’s a special treat to select a flavour and then choose to have a mixin ‘smashed in’ to enjoy!

Mixins include fruit, candy, chocolate, and nuts. Ivy’s favourite is mini marshmallows!

What I didn’t know is that all the ice creams are made in-house at each Marble Slab location and include 100% Canadian milk.

But, did you know they also have cakes? We tried the Cookie Dough Drizzle cake and it is a delightful combination of cookies’n’cream, cookie dough, and birthday cake flavours of ice cream topped with chocolate glaze and whipped cream. SO delicious!

Custom cakes can include any flavours of ice cream you choose and can even be decorated with photos. (Cakes can be ordered online, calling your local Marble Slab and need 48 hours notice).

We have a full-size ice cream cake for you to win! The value of which is $37.95!

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*Sponsored by Marble Slab


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