five things July 27


My picks of this for July are ….

1 | Josline (Spruce Grove’s Modern Mama) wrote about things she gives herself permission to do now that she’s a mom this week.  We all know life changes, dramatically, after kids.  Something as simple as a haircut is never just a haircut anymore.  It’s usually laced with a bit of guilt.  Great post Josline!

2 | Thanks to my eMomNow partner, Nicola (she’s cool), I found this site, TinyMe, this week which has wicked Olympics printables for kids and tons more.  It’s Australian too which makes it feel even more hip for some reason.

3 | Did you come to West Edmonton Mall for the Cover Baby Contest to have your babe photographed for a potential Urban Infant cover in June?  All the photos are now on the Facebook page!  Go ogle all the gorgeous 0-4yr olds!  The Urban Infant Fall cover will reveal the winner in early October!

4 | Have you seen these (shown above) funny and snippy e-cards that keep popping up all over social media?  Check out

5 | Instagram is the hippest in new social networking apps (download in the app store), and it’s based on your own photography.  It turns the dullest photographs into cool images.  Just keep in mind it is a social network so others can follow you and see your photos.  Don’t know where to start? Follow your favourite celebrity, magazine and family & friends.  Some recommendations: channingtatumunwrapped (if you like Channing Tatum ;)), refinery29 (fashion), edmontonjournal (local), and jaredchambers (cool photos).  There are so many great images on this site. (You can also follow me at modernmama.  I post lots of family & Modern Mama stuff.)




PS – Vancouver-West, Spruce Grove, Calgary SE and Edmonton SW all have What To Expect book giveaways happening this week!  Check out their blogs to win!!!


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