Five Things: Links We Love


This week’s Links We Love are all here …

1 | This baby’s morning wake-up routine is the cutest thing ever.

Baby boy  shakes bum every morning when waking up to music.

2 | Let’s Take The Holidays Down A Notch

Every Holiday seems to have must-do crafts, games, candy and activities for the kids these days. Let’s just enjoy pancakes.

3 | Skip The Birthday Party Goody Bag

… and 9 other things we need to get rid of with the kids now to build better adults.

4 | Frozen’s Let It Go Cover (Funny!)

Have you been hearing the songs of the Frozen movie over and over, and over? Well this Mom made her own version of the song in this hilarious video. It’s a must watch.

5 | 5 Reasons to Have One More Baby

If you were ever on the fence about whether or not to add baby number 3 (or 4 …), read this. Or, don’t if you really don’t think you should add another baby to your brood.



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