Five Things: Links We Love


I skipped last week of our regular Five Things post because I was busy checking out all the latest and greatest in baby gear at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.  Watch for a post highlighting the latest trends in gear and the best new products coming soon.

1 | This is truly amazing, images of What A Week Of Groceries Look Like Around The World – with 10 family photos taken from around the world with their groceries for the week.  It makes you think about what goes on your table, doesn’t it?

2 | While I’m not really sold on the crescent roll & asparagus flavours together, these Crescent Mummies are very cute for Halloween, on Spoonful.

3 | Curious how the celebrity moms & tots celebrate Halloween? PopSugar Moms has pictures and all.

4 | For the modern Dads out there,  check out these 7 Questions a Man Should Never Ask a Woman, on Babble.  It’s true, don’t do it!

5 | We had the honour of interviewing Ben & Jessica Mulroney about their newest addition, baby Ivy, this week.  Read on to find out if Jessica’s breastfeeding, their number one baby gear item, and if Ben is parenting baby girl any different than their twin 3-year-old boys.


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