FlyOver Canada: Flight of the Dragon

FlyOver Canada, Flight of the Dragon

See Canada like never before at Vancouver’s new must-see attraction! At its core, FlyOver Canada is a breathtaking, all-ages, flight simulation ride like no other! You will take off into a huge dome screen with the latest in projection and ride technology creating a true flying experience (complete with wind, scents, and mist!).

Celebrating Chinese New Year

My family and I had to opportunity to see FlyOver Canada, with the added bonus of Flight of the Dragon which celebrates Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse.

The Canadian Trail Keeps Them Busy

The Canadian Trail, TheVancouverGuy, photo creditWhen we arrived at Canada Place I thought that the long walk from the front of the convention centre ALL THE WAY to the end where the Red escalator takes you up would be painfully long with our three and a half year old. But as luck would have it, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and The Canadian Trail made the walk go by quickly. It was full of Canadian facts and memorabilia. Some to read and some to climb!

When we arrived at FlyOver Canada, we were treated to a Lion Dance. (This was actually a media event, so they might not have it when you go) and then ushered into a warm (it was really cold outside!) holding area, decorating in Chinese New Year Style.

It was calming space and the images of China and its people were projected on the walls. It kept our little guy occupied as he watched the scenery change and we could warm up and finish our coffee.

photo credit.

The Show: Ready for Takeoff!

When we were ready for takeoff we were brought into another room for safety instructions and specific directions on where to sit and how to buckle our seatbelts. Children have a special safety belt for added piece of mind and security.

We were treated to two shows with The Flight of the Dragon shown first. This show is a simulated airplane ride in which your seats actually move! It has the added dimensions of water spray, wonderful jasmine and forest pine scents as as we ‘flew’ through the fields and mountains of China following the fast moving, animated dragon.

What a spectacular country China is. And it was fun for our son (and me) to see people in the rice fields waving at us.

We worried that our son would be afraid of the dragon but he kept asking for more and was probably the least afraid of all of us. Not that it was scary but your mind plays tricks on you when all you can see are mountain streams, cityscapes and nothing but sky beneath your feet!

In total, both flights last about twenty minutes and the experience overall is thirty minutes. It gives you time afterwards to enjoy a cup of green tea, check out the souvenirs and the real sightseeing of the harbour. All in all it was pretty fun and my son is still talking about the dragon.

Details on FlyOver Canada

At $19.95 for adults and $14.95 for kids (who are 40″ or taller) it was pricey and I thought the imagery was a tad blurry in some parts. Or maybe it was the wind whipping through my hair and the mist as we flew through the clouds that affected my vision.

This experience was mesmerizing for our son and anything that gets him to sit still is a big win for us so I recommend it. And, if luck has it you may ‘win’ a free ride when you crack open your fortune cookie upon landing. Or if you have time you can ride again for a 50% discount to really get into the experience.

Flight Times

FlyOver Canada is open year round and flights leave every day, all day from 10am-5pm. The Flight of the Dragon runs until March 2nd, 2014. To find out more information please go to their website or join their communities on Facebook and Twitter.

I was not compensated for this review but my family was given tickets to attend. All the opinions are my own.

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    The whole show was a great experience especially the Flight of the Dragon…but I did think there should have been a little bit of narration especially for tourists…

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