Fun Thanksgiving Toddler Crafts

Thanksgiving can get a bit overwhelming with guests and a big meal, and keeping it all together for the moms.  Having toddlers, a baby, can just add to the chaos that is the holidays. It’s times like these where we need to take a step back and just bring it back to fun things we can do with the little ones to keep us sane.

Furthermore, kids love to help so utilize this time to have fun, play, and get some decor done.

Here are some fun crafts to do with toddlers for this upcoming Thanksgiving Day!


Hand Painted Place Mats
Finger-painting time! Take out some blank paper, have the kids dip their hand in pain and stamp the mats. After dried, draw on a face on the thumb and add feet at the bottom of the palm. Write each person’s name on the mats, and voila. Not a fan of turkeys, turn the hand-print into a festive Autumn tree, using different colours to represent leaves. Either way, this is a fun activity that the kids will love, and will love showing guests!

Turkey Day Hats
Take some construction paper and cut into strips. Tape the strip into a circular band (to fit on top of a head). With your kids have fun creating feathers, or turkey faces, or colourful leaves, and decorate the bands for a festive looking fun hat! Have the kids make one for each guest that is coming for dinner.

Coloured Pumpkins
You can get a bunch of mini pumpkins at the supermarket. With the kids, have fun dipping the mini pumpkins in paint, or going nuts painting them with a brush. After the paint is dried, glue on some sparkles, some googly eyes, or any decoration of choice. This can be a fun item to place around the house or table for some decor for guests.


Not only will this occupy the kids for hours, but you may get a chance to blow off some holiday steam too!


Have fun!


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