Getting in to the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is just around the corner and if your little ones aren’t excited yet (yeah, right!) they will be soon! There is just something about getting dressed up and heading out for some Trick or Treating that is fun for all ages.


Since my little ones are young and they haven’t had too many Halloweens just yet we start prepping them about a week in advance. There have been many conversations about Trick or Treating, candy, Halloween Treats and pumpkins. In addition to having these conversations we have also been watching Halloween Episodes of our favorite shows on Netflix; if you’re looking for some inspiration check out the Stream & Scream Guide below:


Carving pumpkins is another great way to get into the Spirit of Halloween and it’s a great activity to do as a family! Every year we do a pumpkin family so each person gets their own pumpkin and in past years we’ve let the kids draw, paint and decorate theirs instead of carving.


And we can’t forget the cutesy Halloween treats that are just to delicious to not be invited to the party, this Ghostly Good Popcorn is a fave around here and something I will be whipping up this weekend! Find the recipe here.


How do you get into the Halloween Spirit?


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