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Hi mamas! I’ve got something pretty cool to tell you about today. We have a fantastic giveaway starting today that is close to my heart. What do I mean by that?

Before becoming Community Director here at Modern Mama Vancouver, I worked in the spa industry for over 12 years. I performed countless facial treatments (which I adore to this day), laser  rejuvenation treatments, microdermabrasion, full body massage, pedicures, waxing and basically anything you would go into a spa for. I have tried and tested many skin care lines over the years.

Now that I’m a mom and lucky if I get a shower and brush my hair every day, (oh the shame!) such detailed care of my skin isn’t possible. And while it would be nice, these days I am much more interested in keeping things simple.

simple is key

With the theme of simplicity in mind, I want to introduce you to a skin care line that I have been testing myself because not only is it a simple system but I’m really liking it.

3 Part Cherlyn Skincare System ~ for all skin types


First of all, I’ve always been skeptical when I see labels that say ‘all skin types’.

My skin is fussy, oily and dehydrated all at the same time and I still breakout more than occasionally. It definitely doesn’t respond well to products that are suited for a dry skin condition, specifically oil-dry, far different from my water-dry skin AKA dehydrated, or one that is acneic, even though I still get acne.

To make matters worse, my fussy sometimes acneic and dehydrated skin is losing its youthful firmness and vitality (but don’t tell me that when I meet you). I suppose at 46 years old that comes with the territory but it’s a complicated mess sometimes.

So when I decided to give this line a try, I wasn’t really sure it would be for me. I approached hesitantly, knowing that if I delved in too far, the result could potentially be disaster. The result could be breakouts, oiliness, and stressed looking skin.

The true test

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these products are not only very gentle, but effective in reducing oiliness and rebalancing my skin. The true test for me and my fussy skin is that it doesn’t feel dry and tight after I wash it.

The Cherlyn Skincare System includes 3 products:

  • Purifying Cleanser: 120 ml (4.06 fl. oz U.S.)
  • Clarifying Serum: 40 ml (1.35 fl. oz U.S.) (use once a day, at night)
  • Bio-Restore Cream: 60 g (2.12 oz)

Retail value of $198.00

Cherlyn Skincare System ~ easy to use

The Purifying Cleanser is gentle yet very effective at removing dirt and makeup. I always perform a double cleanse, once to remove makeup and the second to really get the skin clean. The Purifying Cleanser foams slightly and you only need the size of a pea to do an effective job of cleaning your skin.

Use the Clarifying Serum once a day at night on skin that has been pat dry to allow the fruit acids to penetrate and work their magic on you skin. The result is a more vital and fresh looking skin with pores that look smaller and oiliness under control. A half pump or so is all you need to spread over the entire skin on the face.

The Bio-Restore Cream can be used both day and night, the size of a pea will effectively cover the skin. Apply once your Clarifying serum has been absorbed for full benefit.

The main active ingredients of AHA and BHA effectively yet gently exfoliate the skin while maintaining its pH balance. This means that the products are never harsh yet do a great job of restoring functionality, resulting in a skin that acts more youthful.

Although these products are for all skin types, they truly benefit more oily, aging, sensitive, and problem skin types the most. And lets face it, most of us have one or all of these concerns. Don’t forget to include the neck and decollette when using these products.

Made in Vancouver

The Cherlyn Skincare line is made right here in Vancouver – Richmond, BC to be exact, and is a 100% naturally derived skincare line for all skin types.

Each product in the line contains more than 40 carefully screened ingredients. With ingredients such as geranium, aloe, jojoba, meadowsweet, and arnica, the Cherlyn Skincare System is a complete daily skincare regime suitable for all skin types.

Scientifically formulated using 100% naturally derived ingredients to promote a naturally, healthy looking complexion and to reveal your skin’s natural radiance.Benefits include reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes, brightening tired-looking skin, and moisturizing with natural botanical oils and extracts, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and naturally radiant.

The Cherlyn Skincare System as a complete daily regime has the following benefits:

  • Deep cleans pores without stripping the skins natural moisture.
  • Helps oil control and reduces the appearance of pores to promote a naturally, healthy looking complexion.
  • Mild exfoliation to help improve skin texture.
  • Effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Brightens tired looking skin and reveals skins natural radiance.

You are beautiful inside and out

Cherlyn’s goal is to care for a woman’s natural, radiant beauty; skin, body, mind, and heart. She believes that every woman deserves to feel proud of how she looks, and remember that they are beautiful as they are, inside and out. The company is BC owned, operated, and product-manufactured, but shipping is available across North America. Cherlyn Skincare also won a Beauty Award for Best Line for Combo/Problem Skin from Gorgeously Green in 2012.

Just plain simplicity; which I love these days.

I don’t say this often but I LOVE this line. The Cherlyn 3 Part  Skincare System is easy to use, not over-drying and effective at reducing oiliness in my skin. The only thing I would add is that it’s important to use a natural sunscreen product of at least an SPF15 every day. I do this everyday anyway, but the fruit acids the products contain can leave your skin vulnerable to sun damage. This is true anytime you use products that contain exfoliating ingredients.

There you have it! I am so excited to tell you about our giveaway!

Enter the Giveaway

We are giving away the Cherlyn 3 Part Skincare System, value $198, starting today, Tuesday April 22nd! The giveaway ends on Sunday May 4th 2014 at which time we will draw a winner at random.

Good luck mama!

This contest is open to Canadian (excluding Quebec) readers only and the winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize otherwise another winner will be drawn.

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    Being a mom you always tend to put yourself last. Sleep deprivation and barely enough time to get dressed in the morning really shows on your face and skin. Right now I would love a little pampering (so wouldn’t constantly be told how tired I look), but have to be very selective what products I use as I am quite fair and have very sensitive allergy probe skin….I’m even allergic to aloe for goodness sake!!!

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    My skin needs moisturizer right now. I also have uneven skin tone, so I’m always looking for something that will correct that!

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    Moisture, after the long winter and working outdoors, my skin is so dried out :/

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    Being a new and older mom…I definitely need a product to pamper my face with. Love being a mom.

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