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Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Giving Tuesday was born and incubated at the 92nd Street Y and its Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact in New York City. Giving Tuesday is now an independent nonprofit and a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity

giving tuesday

This movement has inspired countless businesses to factor giving back as a major part of their brand. Here at Modern Mama, we would love to highlight this generosity by shining the spotlight on these exceptional companies. On the first Tuesday of every month, we will post a “Giving Tuesday” blog featuring a Canadian company that has made it their mission to give back. If you are a company that would like to be featured, or would like to nominate one, please contact me at


This month we are highlighting a Canadian clothing company called Local Laundry. We love their mission and their pride in giving back in their community.


Their Story

In a twist of fate, our founder, Connor, found inspiration in an unlikely place: a skirmish with a laundry machine. While the machine may have won the battle, it sparked a revolutionary idea in Connor. What if every piece of clothing we wore was more than just fabric? What if it
was a symbol of community, of home, of belonging? Thus, Local Laundry was born out of a desire to make laundry truly local, in every sense of the word.

Our commitment to producing only Canadian-made clothing isn’t just about locality—it’s about unity and a dedication to the environment. By sourcing and crafting our garments within our borders, we’re not only supporting local communities and industries but also upholding the strict environmental standards that Canadian manufacturing adheres to. We’re fostering a sense of togetherness while ensuring sustainability. Every time you wear Local Laundry, you’re wearing a piece of home, a piece of our collective identity, and a testament to eco-conscious craftsmanship.


Giving Back


Our commitment to local charities is more than just a business pledge; it’s a heartfelt promise. With every garment you purchase, we’re able to commit to charitable initiatives to create meaningful change in our communities. This isn’t just about clothing; it’s about making a tangible difference. Your choice to support Local Laundry translates into support for those in need, ensuring that our collective impact goes beyond fashion. Together, we’re not only wearing our values but living them, fostering a brighter, more compassionate future for all.


Local Laundry has made an incredible commitment that 10% of their sales will be donated to a charity that their customers help choose. So far, they have donated $191,268 since 2015! They produce only made-in-Canada garments to support Canadian manufacturing, Canadian jobs, a diversified Canadian economy and to reduce their carbon footprint.


Giving Garments


Our Giving Garments™ collection features high-quality toques, cozy socks, and plush blankets that are designed with both style and function in mind. But what sets this collection apart is the impact it makes on communities across Canada.

Through our Giving Garments™ program, we have donated over 10,000 essential items to shelters in need, providing warmth and comfort to those who need it most. With each purchase of a Giving Garment™, you’re not only treating yourself to a cozy new accessory, but you’re also making a tangible difference in someone else’s life.

But our commitment to giving back doesn’t stop there. We strive to make our Giving Garments™ with eco-friendly materials, which helps reduce our environmental impact and supports our mission to use business as a force for good.



Their clothing is available online with a warehouse for local pickup in Calgary, AB. They have a wide variety of products including shackets, crewnecks, hoodies, socks, toques, and more! You can find their website linked here.


4120 8 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 3A7

Our hours for local pickup are as follows:
9AM – 4PM – Monday to Friday
If you are looking to schedule a pickup outside of these hours, please send us an email to or call/text us at 1-(844) 925-6225 to arrange a time.


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