{Guest Post} Nobody Warned Me About That!

There are many amazing moments that happen week to week during pregnancy. Hearing a baby’s heartbeat for the first time, seeing the little bean during the first ultrasound, and finding out the sex of the darling baby.

Then there are the moments which no one can prepare you for.

Oh My Heart… BURN!

Heartburn is a common pregnancy ailment which can cause extreme discomfort. As the hormone progesterone increases, the muscles in the esophagus begin to relax, and as the uterus grows increased pressure on the stomach caused the acid to rise.

While there is no cure, there are a few things you can do to decrease the effects. Eat smaller meals more frequently, take time to chew each piece of food, skip the carbonated beverages, and avoid foods that seem to trigger the heartburn.

Pro Tip: Put 1tsp of baking soda in a glass of water and take sips until the heartburn subsides.

OWW! Those Knockers!

Sore breasts are often a first indicator that it is time to run and grab that pregnancy test. Your body begins to prepare for breastfeeding soon after conception. While your partner may be saying WOW, you may be stating OW. Using warm compresses can ease the discomfort.

Pro Tip: As your breasts continue to grow and change, buy new well fitting bras to decrease the pain.

Making Bad Mouth

Pregnancy gingivitis can pop up at any moment during gestation. The hormones and the increased blood flow can make the swollen gums more sensitive and irritable. To make matters worse, plaque is more likely to build up while you are carrying a baby. Using a soft bristled toothbrush during your twice a day cleaning, and using mouthwash that does not contain alcohol can decrease the chances of gingivitis.

Pro Tip: Heading to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned during pregnancy can be a game changer for your mouth health.

Oh My Ovaries!

Round ligament pain is a common, warranted complaint during pregnancy. As you move further along in your pregnancy, your uterus grows from approximately 0.13 pounds to over 2 pounds. Between the growing infant, the uterus, added blood, and amniotic fluid there is a lot of extra pressure on your pelvic floor. The ligaments need to stretch as the weight of the baby increases. To help ease the pain, try bending over when coughing, laughing, or sneezing.

Pro Tip: Seek out a pelvic floor physiotherapist early in pregnancy. They will create a personalized exercise plan to help increase your pelvic floor strength.

That Wasn’t My Water!

Urination… and lots of it. Remember how the blood flow was reeking havoc on your gums? Well, it is also attacking your bladder. By 6 weeks you may need to pee more frequently, and cutting the amount of water will not slow it down.  Avoiding caffeinated beverages, and drinking more in the morning and less in the evening will help with decreasing the need to get up in the middle of the night.

Pro Tip: I could tell you how foods like watermelon have a diuretic effect but let’s be honest here, with the foods that you already should avoid, adding more to the list sucks!


Pregnancy has a way of increasing anxieties as unexpected, yet common, pregnancy ailments arise. Your doula can give you more insight on what to expect with the normal progression of pregnancy while referring to the correct professionals when questions arise.

How are you celebrating the landmark moments within your pregnancy? What are you most excited about and what is scaring you? Let’s connect!

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