Hot Find Friday: Hazel Village

When I started this series it was simply because I kept seeing such great new products popping up everywhere and I want to share them with you!

Today’s Hot Find is Hazel Village. These woodland creatures are most adorable, sustainably made in Brooklyn, New York, and of heirloom quality.


These animals come with infinite amounts of imaginary tales and fun. ($39 US)


Even costumes for purchase for your little creature! ($24 US) What little girl wouldn’t love dressing up her little frog or fox as a fairy! ($16 US)



All animals can arrive monogrammed for an additional $8 (US).

013 Jane in Workshop



Hazel Village began four years ago as an art project for the founder, Jane Van Cleef (below).



The most adorable toad I ever did see! ($39 US)


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