Hot Find Friday: Project Candy Box

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By: Deb Thompson

Calgary entrepreneur Aaron Kerr, successfully launches Canada’s only monthly candy box subscription.

As a little girl I was allowed a dime a month for candies! It’s not THAT long ago. I got either two nickle candies or ten penny candies. For every generation the trip to the candy store has been a real ‘treat’. No matter how strict, or health conscience a parent or adult we become, candy=memories of a time long past, our childhood. As a mom I fear when my children spot a candy store! The classic sugar high effect. Nonetheless, there’s no shame in a sweet now and then. Enjoyment is the spice (or sugar) of life.

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Project Candy Box was launched four months ago with rave review! The successful Launch Box  consisted of 12 different types of candy, packaged in a candy colour box, delivered to Canadians from coast to coast. Accompanying the candy was an itemized list including the originating country of each sweet.

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Isn’t it fun getting a package in the mail? Especially when it’s candy filled! Project Candy Box is unique, fun and only in Canada! Ships nationwide and most of all the candies you can’t find in your stores. Check them out to learn more about how you can subscribe for your monthly candy box or gift one, win free candy, revisit some long lost favourites and try some candy from around the globe. 

‘My family’s review of our Launch Box – energetic, youthful and sweet delight! Most of the selection I had never heard of or seen since I was a girl visiting the UK.’

From my family to yours, enjoy sweetly…



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