How Reading Can Help Children Express Themselves Better


Children learn to love the sound of words before they are even aware of their existence on the page of a book.As they grow up,they find reading a fun way to relax and unwind after a hard day.

Because of their learning potential,the effects of reading in a child’s daily routine are vast. Apart from learning new words and phrases, children can acquire other literacy skills that will ensure their wellbeing, sound mental health and success in life in general

Reading is an essential skill that should be imparted at a very early age,but in most children this ability does not develop naturally, rather it needs careful planning and execution.

Children like to express their thoughts, actions and ideas in different ways for which they require a good range of open-minded material that they can utilize imaginatively and skilfully to communicate what they have in mind.

Therefore,improving early literacy skills is vital with regular interaction with print as experience at a young age will give the child the motivation to learn to read and write, which are valuable tools that will help them later on in adulthood.

Kids,just like adults, experience complex feelings from time to time.This could include frustration,anger, jealousy,worries or embarassment. However,they communicate their feelings in different ways, unlike adults who have the vocabulary to express themselves.

Reading regularly throughout childhood helps in the development of language skills and with passage of time teach them to create a broader vocabulary and improve their educational outcomes later on in their career.

Building reading habits in children has a wide range of other benefits as well,the most obvious being improving comprehension skills.Children who read regularly develop a better vocabulary range which allows them to express themselves more effectively through writing.

When children read,they come across new words and phrases not encountered before. Understanding them expands their vocabulary and encourages them to use these new-found figures of speech in their talks and self-expression as well.

When attention tends to dwindle,reading provides a excellent manner to focus and concentrate.The more the child reads, the more they can focus on the tasks on hand. The improved concentration can benefit in other areas of day to day life like school, sports, music or dance.

Creativity and imagination are also improved to a great extent by pouring over the pages of a book, whether it is a fairly tale or a classic novel.Books inspire children to be creative come up with new ideas of their own,an attribute which is the key to success in the growing years.

As children gradually learn to read and comprehend the text of a book,a sense of pride and accomplishment flows through them.This instils confidence and increases self-esteem,two qualities that can help them cope better with criticism, setbacks and challenges in life.

Reading enhances the general knowledge of the surrounding world and helps keep the reader well-informed about the happenings in the world around us.

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