How to Beat the Heat with Bubble Tea

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The trees are in full bloom, the sky is bright and blue, crowds flock to the beachside to catch some rays, and students pack up their laptops for a well-earned summer break. That can only mean one thing: Summer is finally here.

However, with all that fun and sunshine comes sweltering heat. If you’re looking for ways to ward off the warm weather and enjoy your summer, consider everyone’s favourite beverage – bubble tea.

Bubble tea is an all-season treat, just as adept at warming you up in the winter as cooling you down in summer. To help you beat the heat, this article offers tips and suggestions for ordering bubble tea this summer season.

Grab a straw, and let’s spear our way in!

Ice Up Your Creation

The great thing about bubble tea is that it’s endlessly customizable. You can tweak the bases, toppings and sweetness levels to your unique preference. You can also add as much ice as the weather demands.

When the temperatures start rising, beat the heat by icing up your boba creation. When ordering through the Chatime website, for instance, you can choose between “no ice,” “less ice,” “normal ice,” and “extra ice.” For a cool-down treat, consider ordering the latter.

Consider a Refreshingly Fruity Base

While milk tea is the class boba base, modern bubble tea shops explore an array of innovative bases. When the sun beats down, consider opting for a refreshing, fruity bubble tea base. For examples of what to order, check out these UBC bubble tea options:

  • Peach Tea
  • Passion Fruit Tea
  • Mango Grapefruit Tea
  • QQ Lychee
  • QQ Strawberry, and more.

These tropical-inspired, perfectly sweet concoctions are the ideal way to cool off.

Try a Slush or Smoothie

It’s not enough to ice your drink? You need that ice crushed into the base for an extra-cooling summertime treat? You’re in luck. Innovative bubble tea brands like Chatime now offer slushes and smoothies as part of their year-round menu.

Head to the beach with a honeydew slush or matcha smoothie in your hand; you’ll be the envy of all the other sunbathers!

Or Stick with Your Classic Milk Tea

While summer calls to mind smoothies, slushies and fruit-forward beverages, the classic milk tea boba is a refreshing option in its own right. Per the first section, load your creation up with ice for an extra-cooling take on the treat.

Relax in the Breezy Bubble Tea Shop

Sometimes, when the mid-day sun gets particularly strong, all you really need is a breezy indoor space to pass the time.

While many bubble tea lovers like their orders to go, try relaxing in the bubble tea shop. Bubble tea shops are typically inviting environments – clean, cool and comfortable enough to offer refuge on a summer day.

Gather Friends for a Bubble Tea Picnic

Lastly, try a “bubble tea picnic.” Gather your best friends, visit your local bubble tea shop, and order an array of various drinks.

One of the great things about bubble tea is that it comes sealed, making it easy to transport on long walks in the park. Next, simply unroll a beach towel under a shady tree, spear a straw through your creations, and enjoy a lovely summer day in the park.

If you’re looking for a delicious way to beat the heat this year, look no further than your local bubble tea shop. Try fruity bases, iced concoctions, and friendly gatherings for bubble tea-forward summer fun.

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