How to Make Tummy Time Fun and Effective

tummy time

Tummy time is an essential part of your baby’s development. It strengthens their neck, shoulders, arms, and back muscles, preparing them for milestones like rolling over, sitting up, and crawling.

However, some babies aren’t always thrilled about tummy time. The good news is that with the right approach, you can make it an exciting part of their day.

Here are some tips and engaging activities to make tummy time fun and effective for your little one.

1. Start Slowly and Gradually Increase Time

Introduce Tummy Time Early: Start tummy time soon after birth, but only start with a few minutes a day. This helps your baby get used to being on their stomach.

Short Sessions: Start with short sessions, around 1-2 minutes, and slowly increase as your baby gets more comfortable. A realistic marker is 20-30 minutes per day by the time they’re three months old.

2. Use a Comfortable Surface

Soft, Firm Surface: Placing babies on soft but firm surfaces like Wunderkids play mats or blankets spread on the floor provides a safe space to explore the area around them and develop their muscles.

Pillow Support: Use a rolled-up towel or a tummy time pillow under your baby’s chest to help them get used to the position and help reduce their discomfort.

3. Incorporate Toys and Mirrors

Favorite Toys: Place colorful, engaging toys that make sounds or have different textures within their reach. This can help capture their attention and encourage them to lift their head and extend their arms.

Mirrors: Babies love looking at themselves. Place an unbreakable mirror in front of your baby during tummy time. Seeing their reflection can make the experience more enjoyable.

4. Get Down on Their Level

Face-to-Face Time: Lie down on the floor face-to-face with your baby. Talk, sing, or make funny faces to engage with them. This level of interaction can help make tummy time feel more like playtime.

Chest-to-Chest: If your baby is resistant to tummy time on the floor, try laying them on your chest. This position allows them to lift their head and look at you, making it feel safer and more comforting.

5. Incorporate Tummy Time into Daily Routines

Diaper Changes: After changing your baby’s diaper, roll them onto their tummy for a minute or two. This helps make tummy time a part of your daily routine without making it feel like a separate activity.

Post-Nap Play: Babies are often more relaxed and receptive after they’ve rested. After your baby wakes up from a nap, use this opportunity to get some tummy time in.

6. Make it Fun with Activities

Incorporate Games: Turning tummy time into a game is a great way to get your little one excited. For example, place a toy just out of reach to encourage your baby to stretch and move towards it. You can also create a mini-obstacle course with pillows for them to navigate around.

Music and Movement: Play gentle, soothing music in the background. Some babies respond well to rhythm and melody, making the experience more pleasant. You can also gently move their arms and legs to the beat of the music.

7. Be Patient and Encouraging

Positive Reinforcement: Celebrate small milestones and progress. Cheer your baby on and give them lots of positive reinforcement. Your enthusiasm can help boost their confidence and make them more eager to participate.

Consistency is Key: Make tummy time a regular part of your baby’s daily routine. Consistency helps them get used to the activity and develop those necessary muscles over time.


By adding these tips and activities to your routine, you can help your baby build strength, coordination, and confidence, setting a strong foundation for the rest of their developmental milestones.

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